Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Moonbats: 0-for-Eternity

Thanks to the hapless Francine Busby, and the Kossack/Moonbat crowd have maintained their perfect record of futility against the GOP. According to Allahpundit, this makes them 0-for-19.

But, as National Journal explains, the Moonbat favorite won a Democratic Senate primary in Montana, and they're claiming that Busby's relatively narrow margin makes the CA-50 defeat a victory.

Today, MoveOn issued this statement:
"We're encouraged by the results in CA-50, where Francine Busby clearly was able to draw thousands of independent and Republican voters in an overwhelmingly Republican district. The race indicates that voters across party lines are ready for a change and that augurs well for Democrats in November. If independents and Republicans break in the rest of the country the way they broke in CA-50, the Democrats will retake the House," said Eli Pariser, Executive Director of Political Action. [COMMENT: If a frog had wings ...]

A quick analysis of the numbers demonstrates how profound the shift is. Of all primary voters in that district yesterday, 56.5 percent were GOP primary voters, yet Bilbray only ended up taking 49.48 percent of the special election vote. In the special election, Bilbray's vote total was 58,566. That exceeds the total of all GOP primary votes cast by only 1,081. On the other hand, Busby got 53,598 votes in the special, which exceeds the total number of votes cast in the Democratic primary by nearly 9,369. It's morning-after, back-of-the-envelope math, but it appears either Busby won Independents nine to one or wooed a substantial number of Republicans.
See the self-delusional quality of this kind of rationalization?'s PAC put over $124,000 into the Busby campaign and, as I explained here three months ago:
Back in 2004, a lot of Republicans were having fits about news reports that George Soros and friends were dumping millions of dollars into I was asked to write an article about MoveOn for Ripon Forum, a moderate/liberal GOP journal. Unfortunately, that article is no longer available online, but what I discovered in my research was basically this: MoveOn has never won anything.

They failed to prevent Clinton's impeachment, failed to help Dems take back Congress in 1998, failed to elect Al Gore, failed to help Gore win the Florida recount -- failed, failed, failed. By the time 2004 rolled around, MoveOn's presence in any political controversy was a certain bellwether of failure: Whatever side MoveOn is on, the other side wins.
Which means that Rep. Deborah Pryce (R-Ohio) is a sure thing in November, because of this new press release from Political Action launched a new television ad today charging four Representatives with voting to protect war profiteers like Halliburton. The launch coincided with rallies outside of the Members' offices where local veterans joined MoveOn members to demand the return of thousands in defense contractor contributions.
"At a time when our soldiers' lack of body armor was a national scandal, and most of us were worrying about the safety of our troops, these Congressmen and women's attention was focused on letting war profiteers like Halliburton off the hook for overcharging our military and defrauding American taxpayers,? said Eli Pariser, executive director of MoveOn Political Action.
"Even our troops in Iraq are subject to the effects of Washington's culture of corruption. These Members, who took tens of thousands in campaign contributions from defense contractors, protected them from stiffer penalties for war profiteering. It's an outrage because every dollar that Halliburton took through fraud could have gone to our Army and our troops," said Eli Pariser, executive director of MoveOn Political Action.
At the four rallies, hundreds of MoveOn members gathered petition signatures and held up large signs and giant yellow ribbons with a message to the Congressman: "Support Our Troops, Not Halliburton."
Today's launch is the third in a series of Political Action's "Caught Red-Handed" television ads slated to run through June 16th. The group is spending over $300,000 to run the ad on stations in the four districts."
"War profiteering"? Has MoveOn hired Eugene V. Debs as a consultant, or what?

* * * * *
I cannot believe that anybody takes DailyKos seriously. Listen to this crap: "Busby helped with her unfortunate comments that were so easily twisted out of context by the right wing noise machine, but they'll do that to every single one of our candidates. And if a Democrat doesn't provide the easy ammo, it doesn't matter. They'll simply make it up."

This is paranoia, pure and simple. And then Kos sez: "Democrats have to be more aggressive." This is a cliche with the Moonbat crowd, who seem to think that if their candidates would only scream their bad ideas a little louder -- and maybe take off a shoe and start pounding it on the lectern -- they'd win. It's the Kool-Aid talking.

After citing his friend Stoller's comments about how Bilbray was "progressive" on environmental issues, Kos then sez: "The lesson from last night should be clear. Hiding from progressives and the left will lead to Democratic losses in 2006. Running as a progressive will lead to victory."

Duh. You go with that, Kos!

See you Nov. 8, loser ...

* * * * *

Dan Riehl notices Democratic dementia: "I don't think much can be learned from CA-50, except perhaps that liberals in the Democrat Party need to start being more realistic with their post election analysis."

Iowa Voice sez: "Republicans running for office this November should get the message: run on illegal immigration and conservative values and you will win. Let the Democrats run on their message of, as a Kos writer says, 'Iraq. Gay marriage. Immigration. Iran. Corruption.' It will blow up in their faces."

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