Monday, June 26, 2006

Moonbats &

Criticize Mullah Moulitsas and his Moonbat Jihad, and you're a "Lieberman-worshipping neocon."

Anti-Semitism? No. Just what passes for logic in the "people-powered movement,” ruled by the Ayatollah Kosola, the 12th imam of Kosistan.

Did some infidel say "Lieberman"? Here's the latest fund-raising e-mail from (a/k/a
Pop quiz: Who was the first senator to speak against the Democrats and their exit plan in last week's big Senate debate on Iraq? If you guessed Joe Lieberman, you're right.

Every time leaders like Russ Feingold stand up and fight, Joe Lieberman undermines them with Republican talking points. It's infuriating.

That's why we're endorsing Ned Lamont, the businessman who's running neck-and-neck with Lieberman. There's a note from him to you below. Can you chip in just $20 to help Lamont and other candidates before the deadline?

MoveOn members voted to endorse Lamont recently but he faces a critical deadline. Candidates will report their campaign finances to the Federal Election Commission June 30th. They need to show they've got support. Can you help?

Tom Matzzie Political Action
Monday, June 26, 2006
You see, no Democrat can sincerely disagree with the Surrender Now crowd. According to the Moonbat moocher Matzzie, Joe Lieberman cannot really believe (a) that a stay-the-course posture in Iraq is in the best interests of the United State, or (b) that the anti-war extremism of the Left is damaging to the Democratic Party's political prospects. No, Lieberman is merely spouting "Republican talking points." So much for "bipartisanship," I suppose ...

Anyway, the fund-raising link provided by Matzzie -- a former AFL-CIO hack -- has some "netroots" blather that's unintentionally hilarious:
The political consulting class in Washington tells many candidates to pander to conservative votes on Iraq. These candidates wouldn't think of it. Each one of them is a champion pushing to hold accountable incumbents who have rubber-stamped the war in Iraq for George W. Bush. When they win we can stop the Bush agenda and start moving forward. Let's help them look strong before the deadline.
Here, Matzzie appears to be attacking the "political consulting class," like the "icon of progressive politics" -- an expert on Ixion, Quaoar and the Kuiper Belt -- who (allegedly) sold out Paul Hackett in Ohio, and subsequently got paid to pimp DLC puppet John Warner at Moonbats Over Vegas. (Sweet deal, huh?)

So if Matzzie's busting on political consultants like Jerome Armstrong, does that mean that is raising money for Lamont in order conceal the fact that Matzzie is also a Lieberman-loving neocon like Marty Peretz?

Wait until the Kool-Aid crowd at DailyKos figures this out: FEAR THE KOS!

* * * * *
OK, it's official: Ned Lamont is insane. Why else would he approve an ad morphing Joe Lieberman into the president of the United States? Whatever the mood among Connecticut Democrats, this is just tactically and strategically wrong in so many ways.

Lieberman is a familiar and beloved figure in Connecticut, and will certainly be able to ju-jitsu this to his advantage. This ad will, I predict, be used in the future as a textbook example of how not to attack an opponent.

* * * * *

Politburo Diktat argues with lefties. Never argue with lefties, Commisar. Mock, ridicule, denounce, confute -- but don't argue. It's like arguing with a mule: You only waste your breath and annoy the mule.

Dan Riehl notices that the DNC and the "netroots" seem to have agreed to a political suicide pact for Nov. 7, with Jerome Amstrong as the broker:
The argument can be made that, just as he sold people on bad stocks and silly astrological charts, Armstrong found an unrealistic co-believer in Howard Dean, because they share a common Leftist ideology the majority of Americans simply don't want.
Steve Verdon at Outside the Beltway has this comment on The Reality Astrology-Based Community:
Given the Left’s histrionics about the “Right’s War on Science” I have to admit this is indeed rather amusing.
Steve, please tell James Joyner that Spacy Stacy said: GO BIG GOCKS!

Wonkette notices that Dick Morris predicts defeat for Lieberman and -- as when Arianna Huffington endorsed Ned Lamont -- realizes that this makes Joe a lead-pipe cinch:
Lieberman can’t lose. Easy victory in the primary and comfy cruise to reelection. Dick Morris has spoken, place your bets.
Which, I guess, means Wonkette's just another Lieberman-worshipping neocon, right?

OK, Dan Riehl discovers Jerome "Carnac" Armstrong's astrology hustle, and then Wizbang catches an apparent effort to scrub the archives and, according to "Celtic pagan" Brenda Daverin, this amounts to Jerome's "admission that he dabbled in astrology." (Like Robert Downey Jr. "dabbled" in coke, I guess.) But then Daverin goes on to do a moral-equivalence thing between astrology and Christianity:
It's perfectly possible to dismiss astrology as hokum after studying it for a while. Assuming it's hokum from seeing the sloppiest form of it is rather like assuming all Christians are evil because of people like Pat Robertson.
Astrology? Hokum. Celtic paganism? ...

Proverbs 22:29

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