Monday, June 05, 2006

N.J. can't afford union wages

In New Jersey, as in many other places, government-employee unions have the taxpayers by the short hairs. In a very rare move, a Democrat has called them on their greed:
Democratic State Sen. Stephen M. Sweeney, a major union leader from Gloucester County, shocked state employee unions yesterday by calling on their members to take a 15 percent cut in salaries and benefits.

Sweeney's proposal threw a bomb into talks over a $30.9 billion New Jersey budget full of unpopular taxes but championed by the unions because it would spare them painful cuts.

"New Jersey has a government that we can't afford any longer," said Sweeney, a powerful Iron Workers business agent, who held a Statehouse news conference with a fellow Gloucester County Democrat, Assemblyman Paul Moriarty, and a Union County Democrat, Assemblyman Jerry Green.
Environmental Republican says the government union -- Communications Workers of America (CWA) -- was "about to be exposed as scammers":
The CWA has mounted a campaign in support of Gov. Corzine's budget, including a rally scheduled for June 19.

Further complicating the matter is that Carla Katz, president of CWA Local 1034, is Corzine's former girlfriend, and he made headlines for forgiving a $470,000 mortgage to her. Both have said their former relationship would not affect contract talks.
So, the governor of New Jersey is almost literally in bed with the government-employee unions who are squeezing state taxpayers for more loot. Well, at least Corzine isn't involved with the, er, trucking industry.

Chapter 4 of DONKEY CONS is devoted to how Democrats are dominated (and corrupted) by union influence, while the problem of government employee unions -- a conspiracy against the taxpayer -- is addressed extensively in Chapter 8.


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