Monday, June 05, 2006

Rahm Emanuel: He's lying again

Rep. Rahm Emanuel dares compare Iraq to Mogadishu. What's wrong with this analogy, coming from a former Clintonista? Check it out:
When President Clinton was told that his commanders on the ground had requested more troops but had been ignored by Secretary of Defense Les Aspin, Clinton acted decisively and fired him.
This is a straight-up lie. (Go read the whole thing, if you can stand it.)

Les Aspin (who never should have been allowed inside the Pentagon, except perhaps in handcuffs) was not fired, but resigned, and it wasn't until 2 months after Mogadishu, for which Clinton later tried to blame Bush 41. Besides which, Aspin's refusal to provide the armor requested by the U.S. commander in Somalia was based entirely on the Clinton administration's need to placate its peacenik wing: "Dispatching the needed equipment might have caused a stir in Congress, and politics came first, as usual."

In his usual mode of treating old friends like Kleenex, Clinton threw Aspin overboard, to appease his critics. But who appointed Aspin in the first place? Whose bad judgment was that? And when did Clinton ever face up to the fact that his pandering to the Left ended up causing the deaths of 18 soldiers? When has Clinton ever admitted that his gutless cut-and-run in Somalia was, by Osama's own admission, what inspired al-Qaeda's escalating attacks on America?

Bush is doing the very opposite of what Clinton did:
  • He's loyally supporting his Secretary of Defense;
  • He's willing to suffer political unpopularity for sticking with a policy he believes to be right; and
  • He's refusing to allow a terrorist enemy, whose only aim is to inflict maximum carnage, to force the U.S. military into make a humiliating retreat.
Rahm Emanuel, who owes his seat in Congress to the corrupt Daley machine, can't open his mouth without lying. But I guess he learned from the best, huh?


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