Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Revealed (Happy 6-6-6)

I previously mentioned that the "Church of Liberalism," described in Ann Coulter's new book GODLESS, has a martyr. But because the book was embargoed, I could not reveal his identity. Because it's mentioned in this Newsday review and the book is now published, the identity can be revealed.

"The Martyr" is WILLIE HORTON!

OK, it's an election year. Do you think the scaredy-cats and sissy-pants who run the national GOP want to talk about Willie Horton in an election year? It doesn't matter how factual, fair and accurate her treatment of the subject is, the "respectable Republicans" will never forgive Ann Coulter for reminding Americans of something the GOP scaredy-cats would prefer to forget.

The Newsday reviewer, by the way, doesn't get it:
This latest book hardly differs from past treatises. Coulter continues to beat dead horses (see "Greek Midget" Michael Dukakis under Chapter 3 "The Martyr: Willie Horton").
Having just co-written a history of Democratic Party corruption, I get tired of this "beating dead horses" line, i.e., "But there's nothing new here ..." or "That's old news." But the only thing new is the history you don't know, and between the liberal media and Marxist academia, American political history has been skewed so far Left that the people who lived 30 or 50 or 100 years ago wouldn't recognize themselves, were they to read one of today's PC textbooks.

Most people hear "Willie Horton" and think "racist Republicans" instead of thinking "liberalism can be fatal," which is Ann's point in raising the subject. Just as with her treatment of Algier Hiss, et al., in TREASON, by addressing the facts of the Horton case, Coulter is trying to re-re-write history, to rescue the truth from a pervasive liberal myth (which by now is believed even by most "conservatives.")

Indeed the fact that the Democratic Party nominated for president Mike Dukakis, who stubbornly defended a furlough program which turned loose a convicted murderer --- and Horton had been sentenced to life without parole -- should permanently mark the Democrats as a party that cannot be trusted on the issue of public safety and law enforcement.

But still, the sissy-pants Republicans will never forgive Coulter for raising this subject.

Coulter v. Lauer smackdown!
Why do liberals always try to trip her up? Has anyone -- anyone, anywhere, anytime -- ever out-argued Coulter on live TV? So why do they keep trying? Why not just toss hanging curveballs into her wheelhouse and let the audience enjoy watching her clout them over the fence?

But ... no. Apparently, ever liberal with a TV show imagines he's going to be the one who finally out-argues Ann, and she keeps running rings around them and making them look silly.