Monday, June 26, 2006

Roundup: Get along little bloggies!

Wild night in the blogosphere. Rush Limbaugh gets busted for Viagra, and the Kossacks get a rise out of it -- nearly 400 comments (including the predictable prison rape jokes) in the first 3 hours. This reminds me, for some reason, of the Democrats' latest agenda, Nude Erection for America. There's video from AP (h/t OTB).

Speaking of Viagra, Don Surber's kissed and made up with Ann Coulter.

Debbie Schlussel has an interesting post about Katherine "I Was a Runaway Teen Jihadi" Lester. Seems the girl's creepy father is (a) continuing to allow Katherine to chat with "Abdullah Psycho," and (b) enjoying his 15 minutes a bit much, jetting off to Manhattan for an ABC interview. (Video here.) Katherine and the 20-year-old Palestinian "Psycho" (that was his MySpace name) are "still deeply in love," we're told. Ick.

The new Lamont TV ad that morphs Lieberman into Bush? Hotline sez:
"If Lamont wins this thing, this ad will become legendary."

Yeah. And "if" is a mighty big word.

Let's see: Who's on Ned Lamont's side? DailyKos, Jerome Armstrong,, Arianna Huffington and Dick Morris. Joe-mentum, baby!

Hillary Goes Bloggy

Meanwhile, as Dan Riehl points out, Hillary figures if John Warner can do Rent-a-Moonbat, why not hire herself some bloggage?
Perfect, absolutely perfect - what a move. Hillary Clinton has hired Peter Daou. Here is Daou's announcement. ...

Let's look at what just happened - The New Republic, Newsweek and others just finished softening up the preeminent Liberal blog, DailyKos. Perhaps Marcos Moulitsas wasn't so far wrong when he suggested that Hillary's camp was at least partly behind some of the current hits he's been taking.

Yeah, I know that's my whole motivation: Whatever makes Hillary happy, I'm on the job, because if Hillary's not happy, nobody's happy. (Just ask Hernandez of the New York Times. Look at that lede. Man, the fear just leaps off the screen, doesn't it? Hillary's the Soup Nazi of the Senate: You don't play it her way, you don't play at all, baby.)

Ace does the math: Was Daou on the "Townhouse" list?

I just sent Daou a note of congratulations and told him, y'know, if Hillary '08 ever needs a Red State right-wing perspective .... well, the ambassadorship to Argentina might be nice (¡Va La Argentina!).

Ooo-ee! Wouldn't that be something? I swear, Hillary: The GOP is wide open on their right flank. Just ask Tom Tancredo or Brian Bilbray ... or John Jacob, who might just defeat a sitting GOP congressman in Utah today. Even if Cannon holds on, for a Republican incumbent to have to pour money into a GOP primary is almost unheard of.

Kos, but no cigar?

Instapundit points to a lesson in how to pronounce "Kos." I'll do my redneck imitation (which I'm told is pretty good):
Yeah, boy, ya wouldn't have 'at problem if you'd get yourself an Amuhrk'n name. "Mark Mullet," see? Sumpn' like 'at. ... "Zoo" what? Boy, you'd best jes' drop that part altogether 'round here. One them fellers hears you talkin' like 'at, you gone be in all kinds o' trouble ....