Thursday, June 29, 2006

Swann gaining in PA

Watch out, Big Ed: This year, the GOP's got Hall of Fame moves and lightning speed.

The latest poll in Pennsylvania shows Republican Lynn Swann gaining on Gov. Ed Rendell:
A Zogby International poll conducted between June 13 and June 19 gives Rendell a 5-point lead over Swann. In that poll of 769 likely voters statewide, 48 percent of the respondents gave their support to Rendell, while 43 percent favored Swann.
Guess that's what you can expect when Democrat machine politicians bring in Hillary Clinton to campaign in a swing state. She's not exactly an asset with moderate voters, and some of the anti-war crowd really hate Hillary.

So, Hillary hurts Big Ed, and if the Rendell machine tanks, that creates a down-ticket drag on "Little Bobby" Casey, which trickles down to longshot congressional candidates like Lois Murphy. (Please, Moonbats: Waste more money on Lois the Loser!)

To all you gloomy GOP types: Want a happy mental image? Imagine those RNC attack ads with video of Hillary & Lois together at the Rendell event ....