Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Sweater Kittenz update

Just in case you were wondering, Saturday's performance by Sweater Kittenz -- whose lead singer Cpl. Josh Belile became famous for "Hadji Girl" -- went fine, according to the Jacksonville (N.C.) Daily News:
The Marine Corps’ investigation may still be ongoing, but by most all accounts, the Sweater Kittenz 15 minutes of infamy appeared to have elapsed by the time the group took the stage for Saturday’s Riverwalk Festival performance.

“We are the Sweater Kittenz for those of you who haven’t heard of us yet,” lead guitarist Joe Baes informed the festival goers who loitered in the shade of the old depot stage.

“We had a lot of our fans from Iraq and a few others we picked up along the way,” Baes said after the hour-long performance that included several originals to accompany covers from the likes of Jimmy Buffett, Green Day and Three Doors Down.

But no “Hadji Girl,” the ballad-gone-bad featuring the sort of Humor in Uniform that would likely never find its way in Readers Digest.

Alas. But you won't hear any ACLU types complaining about the stifling of "free expression."