Thursday, June 15, 2006

Sweater Kittenz

Everybody's favorite rock band is now featured in the latest video news at Hot Air. They're also booked Saturday June 17 at the Riverfest in Jacksonville, Fla.

As promised yesterday, I asked Cinecon, the Right-Wing Film Geek, about "Team America: World Police," the Trey Parker/Matt Stone puppet satire that inspired the "Durka durka Muhammed jihad" chorus of Cpl. Josh Belile's hit song "Hadji Girl." Cinecon replies:
[I]t is a running joke throughout the film that Team America is a bit ... careless ... about collateral damage.

The film's first scene is a raid on Paris which kills some terrorists but which destroys the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower in the process. The specific line "Dirka, Dirka, Mohammed Jihad" comes during a scene in which one of the commandos tries to infiltrate a Cairo cafe where The Terrorists are meeting; saying that gets the Val Kilmer-like character into the meeting. That scene ends with much blood being spilled in as gory a way as puppetry allows, plus the destruction of the Sphinx and the Pyramids.

It wouldn't surprise me that TEAM AMERICA: WORLD POLICE is a big favorite among our uniformed men. It's one of the few movies of recent years that mocks Michael Moore, Susan Sarandon, etc., has a real-life bad-guy unmistakably identified as such (Kim Jong-il) and ends up being unabashedly jingoistic about the need to kick ass, even if you do so imperfectly on occasion. The closing soliloquy ... puts it all in a nutshell. ...

It's rather ungenteel (this is Trey Parker and Matt Stone, remember), but then the Marines are too. And the whole point -- the closing soliloquy, the movie, Josh Belle's song -- is that the warrior virtues are not to be judged by the shrinking-violet lace-curtain values of the Cambridge-Hollywood Axis.

So we see that, as suspected, the Belile song is to a great extent inspired by a movie -- slogan, "Putting the F back in Freedom" -- that is apparently a cult classic among U.S. troops.

Let the Marines know you support Cpl. Belile:

Commandant of the Marine Corps
Phone: (703) 614-1034
Fax: (703) 614-2358

I've begun
deconstructing the lyrics of "Hadji Girl."

6/13: Cpl. American Idol USMC

Cpl. Belle has a MySpace page.

Jim Hanson of Black Five writes to Cpl. Belile's commander:
It would be a travesty for someone who risked his life for the freedoms of others to have something as precious as his own free speech revoked, let alone for the US Marine Corps he serves faithfully to be the one doing it.
Michelle Malkin notices several developments:
Marine Corps continues kowtowing to CAIR.
London Times smears Cpl. Belile.
Andrew Sullivan has his facts wrong.

Malkin adds:
Cpl. Belile is being railroaded. The MSM dupes are playing into CAIR's hands. And p.c. military leaders are rolling over.
I would add this: Pentagon leadership started going "p.c." during the Bush 41 administration, when charges of sexual assault at the 1991 Tailhook convention highlighted a fundamental flaw of the co-ed military -- namely, the impossibility of preventing fraternization, which destroys morale and discipline. This has been proven over and over: The Aberdeen scandal, routine sexual harassment at the military academies ... (My co-author is ex-Navy and met her husband in the service; perhaps she'll have some comment to add about this problem.)

Then, during the Clinton years, there was a competition to train the first female fighter pilot, leading directly to the death of Lt. Kara Hultgreen, whose repeated failures in training clearly showed she had no business in an F-14 cockpit. Understand that less than 1% of men have the combination of physical and mental capacities needed to be a top fighter pilot. Trying to develop female fighter pilots is a needle-in-the-haystack effort that wastes taxpayer money, serves no military necessity and can only be justified for what it is: a politically-correct quota system intended to placate militant feminists.

The P.C. "kinder, gentler" military (Stephanie Guttman has an excellent book with that title) suffers from the same problem as Bush 43's "religion of peace" mantra: It is fundamentally based on a lie. The "religion of peace" mantra ignores Islam's long history of violent conquest. The P.C. military is based on the lie that war can be something other than hell, as Sherman succinctly put it.

U.S. Marines are taught many valuable skills at the "University of Parris Island." Chief among these skills are how to kill the enemy and live to tell the tale. Parris Island fundamentally re-orients the recruit's personality toward the task of destroying America's enemies. But, thank God, Marines aren't taught that their private amusements -- including whatever bawdy tunes they sing in their bivoacs or at base talent shows -- must pass scrutiny by CAIR, ACLU or NOW.

The USMC has courageously resisted the P.C. plague of co-ed training, etc., that has infested the other services. They ought not be knuckling under now. The commandant should put his boot down: The Corps will take no action against Cpl. Belile, an enlisted man who was only singing a song at an off-duty entertainment.

The song was a joke, inspired by a recent comedy film. It was not intended as an expression of U.S. military policy, and probably does not even represent the actual sentiments of Cpl. Belile toward Iraqi civilians. The video only became public because somebody thought it was funny. Neither Belile nor his immediate superiors should face any investigation or punishment.

Like the Danish cartoon episode, the "Hadji Girl" episode illustrates one of the deepest flaws of Islamic culture: They can't take a joke.

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