Monday, June 12, 2006

Tin Foil: The New Fur

Taking home the coveted No Sense of Humor award from last weekend's Vegas Moonbat-a-thon, one Kossack was displeased that his fellow Yearly Kos conventioneers held a Tin Foil Hat competition:
Thanks for making the rest of us look like nutbags, guys. ... If I didn't think there was so much potential in this community I would call it quits now. There is no quicker way to make yourself look like a delusional whackjob than by sporting a tin foil hat.
"No quicker way," huh? Cheering wildly for Harry Reid, taking Joe Wilson seriously, spending good money to hang around with devotees of a DFA hack ... no, those things won't make you look like a "delusional whackjob." It's the hat, you understand.

Hotline Blogometer has more.

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Linked by the wonderful West Virginia wizard of the MSM, Don Surber, who has a great play-by-play for Zarqawi's death. Live long and prosper, Don!

It's Moonbat Roundup time ...

NY Sun catches Kos hedging his bets:
"It took Republicans 30 years, right?" Mr. Moulitsas said, counting the years from the resounding loss of conservative presidential candidate Barry Goldwater in 1964 to the GOP takeover of Congress in 1994. "It won't take us that long ... we're not out in the wilderness," he said. Even with the Republicans having a massive infrastructure advantage, "they're still only beating us by inches."
Kossacks love MSM:
For all the bashing of the mainstream media at the YearlyKos convention, the bloggers in attendance clearly wanted to be taken seriously by the reporters covering the convention. Their blogs frequently quoted from mainstream newspaper articles, and they tried to have their photographs taken with the likes of New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd.
The Times of Freakin' London:

THERE were people walking around in hats fashioned out of tin foil in Las Vegas over the weekend, the fruits of a workshop on the media at an inaugural annual convention of liberal internet bloggers.

“It’s to stop THEM from frying our brains,” said Lisa Schiff, who writes a regular blog — or web log — under the name of “Crkrjx”. She explained that the tin foil helmets were an “elaborate joke on the much-despised mainstream media”. She said: “Everyone thinks that because we are on the Left we must be conspiracy theorists, even though we have some pretty good ideas.

“I mean,” she added with a sly smile, “look at my hat. I’ve given it a receptor aerial so that it can pick up the truth.”

Environmental Republican:
They were treated to a $50K party by Mark Warner with all the trimmings in an attempt to buy their love on their respective blogs. Warner wined and dined the and took them back to his room where they woke up with a hangover and cab fare home on the night stand.
Wandering Mind:
About 1000 tin-foil wearing nuts showed up for the convention, compared to attendees at the following conventions in Vegas:

* Western States Roofing Contractors Association: 4,000
* Las Vegas Hair & Nail: 12,000
* Electrical Apparatus Service Association: 4,000
* Intl Esthetics Cosmetics & Spa Conference: 33,000
* Coffee Fest: 8,000
* Casino Chips & Gaming Token Collectors: 5,000
* Truck Show: 30,000

So you can see how powerful they are. If they hooked up with the Coffee Fest folks they could almost break into five digits.
Allah Pundit (of HotAir, who got the tin foil hat photo) sums it all up:
Many of these folks are making the transition from mescaline to Metamucil (metaphorically speaking), but still trying to recapture the relevance and excitement that progressive politics held in 1977. Some were actually quite pleasant and if you were to have coffee with them, unless the topic turned to politics, you wouldn’t guess the depths of their rage against most of what you stand for. ...
The only thing Kos can do, possibly, is help someone win a primary. But then, for the general election, that candidate has the albatross of a Netroots endorsement around his neck.
I couldn't have said it better myself, except maybe "monster mega-albatross," or words to that effect. Kos is to the Democratic Party what Acme Rocket Skates were to Wiley Coyote -- another gimmick that produces disaster. (See also: "HillaryCare," Assault Weapons Ban, let's-ask-Al-Franken-who-to-nominate ....)

The really sad thing is this: Kos is a paid political consultant. He is getting paid good money to promote these loser candidates. He's come up with the ultimate scam, because the middle-aged dimwit campaign bosses and elderly liberal contributors don't know anything about "this whole cyber-doohickey" and Kos has convinced them that it's a one-way ticket to Winner City.

Meanwhile, lonely dimwits with nothing better to do keep posting their Kos diaries and crosslinking to their low-traffic blogs, thinking to themselves one of two things:
  • "Wow! We're winning! We've got those nasty BushBots nailed! We're really going to win this time!"
  • "Just one more clever Bush-bashing rant and Howard Kurtz will notice me, then I'll do Olbermann and get my own book deal ...."
Kossacks: It doesn't work that way.

Kos is a paid political consultant. You are not, and never will be.
He's Henry Ford. You're some guy on the assembly line attaching the left taillight on the Model T -- except you're working for nothing.
He's selling your traffic to his clients, and you aren't getting a cent. You're not even getting good candidates or a coherent strategy. You are the cattle, Kos is the rancher, and the Democratic Party is some fat guy standing in line waiting on his double cheeseburger, OK? You and your liberal dreams have been commodified, and you don't even know it.

You are being completely and totally scammed.

Remember who told you this. See you Nov. 8, losers.

--- McCAIN

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