Friday, June 09, 2006

The ultimate losers hit Vegas

Hotline's blog has a full report on the goings-on at the "Yearly Kos" convention in Las Vegas, where the architects of Democratic Party futility are planning how to continue their losing ways.

The Kossacks apparently are in full moonbat mode, complete with lovestruck Joe Wilson groupies:
The highlight so far ... was as Mike Caccioppoli (who is running for the AZ CD1 seat) and I turn a corner in our hunt for snack food and I'm passing someone who reminds me of Joseph Wilson. I catch his eye and with a dumbfounded look I point at him and say, "You're...aren't you?" ...
Oh. My. God. We actually have a conversation with Joseph Wilson. With Joseph Wilson! ...
Oh, was I giddy when we went our separate ways. I wanted to jump up and down and scream in excitement.
Imagine. "Erin from Flagstaff" is talking to a former State Department bureaucrat and it might as well be Elvis.

Understand this: Wilson's a major-league loser. His pretended "expose" of the Niger yellowcake story in 2003 did nothing at all to achieve his political aims (i.e., elect John Kerry) and the so-called Plamegate affair is a non-scandal which, at worst, will result in a couple of plea bargains on perjury charges against administration staffers. It ain't Watergate. It ain't even Iran-Contra. And any money, time and energy that Democrat activists expend in chasing Joe Wilson's phantasms is that much less money, time and energy they'll have for doing anything that might actually help elect Democrats.

The starstruck Kossack, however, can't seem to register this. "Erin in Flagstaff" goes all gushy for Mr. Valerie Plame and please notice who she's hanging out with: Mike Caccioppoli, a poor second choice to challenge Rep. Rick Renzi, Arizona Republican.

Profile of a Loser
In 2004, Caccioppoli -- a New York liberal who moved to Las Vegas to do talk radio -- moved to Flagstaff to work for the campaign of Renzi's Democrat challenger, Paul Babbitt. Even with the Babbitt family name and fortune on their side, the Dems got their butts kicked: Renzi 59%, Babbitt 36%. The other 5% went to a Libertarian, which tells you that this an overwhelmingly strong district for a Goldwater-style conservative.

Then in September 2005, as the Democrats were rolling out their "culture of corruption" campaign theme for '06, some D.C. liberal group names Renzi on its list of the "13 most corrupt" members of Congress. Why? Well, Renzi's dad, a retired Army general, works for a defense contractor and there's some kind of conflict-of-interest issue that required Renzi to correct his campaign paperwork.

End of story. No FBI investigation, no bribes, no indictments, nothing. It's a paperwork snafu, not a scandal. If I'm Renzi's campaign manager, this is an easy one to spin: "My Dad's a hero. I love my Dad, and I love America, which is why I fought to make sure our troops have the best equipment in the world."

Who is Rick Renzi? Well, he was a college football star, captain of the 1979 Northern Arizona University team that won a conference championship. An enterpeneur who started two successful companies, an investment firm and an insurance agency, and then studied for a law degree. He and his wife have 12 kids, so he's got the whole "family values" thing going for him.

Renzi's pretty much the ideal GOP candidate, in other words, and it's hardly surprising that he got nearly 60% of the vote in 2004.

A False Hope
Chasing their bets, Democrats somehow got the idea last year that this "most corrupt" listing made Renzi vulnerable, and got their hopes up.

The Democrats (namely Rahm "Hired Truck" Emanuel) had already recruited Jack Jackson Jr., the state director of Indian affairs, to challenge Renzi. Jackson raised over $100,000, but Renzi was sitting on more than $1 million in campaign cash, the "corruption" issue wasn't working for Democrats and Jack is ... an openly gay Navajo Indian. (Not that there's anything wrong with that ....)

In March, Jackson called it quits, and Congressional Quarterly calls this a "safe Republican" district.

So here comes Caccioppoli, an out-of-stater who as of March 31 had raised less than $12,000. Here's his agenda:
  • Immediate withdrawal from Iraq.
    Impeach Bush.
  • National health care.
  • $8 minimum wage.
  • Repeal the Patriot Act.
  • Felony prosecutions for oil company "price gouging."
Caccioppoli probably couldn't get elected on that agenda in his native Brooklyn, N.Y., and he's sure as heck not going to get elected running in Goldwater Country on a Barbra Streisand platform. And this is the kind of loser that "Erin in Flagstaff" thinks it's cool to hang around with.
Where do these people come from? Judging from her ".edu" e-mail address, you immediately know that "Erin in Flagstaff" doesn't work in the for-profit economy. She works in a computer training center at Northern Arizona University. She describes herself as a 48-year-old Kos addict.

She's a DFA activist who supported the Howard Dean campaign, and in mid-October 2004 -- based on a poll that showed Bush leading Kerry 49%-45% in Arizona -- enthusiastically exclaimed:

We're a battleground state again! I'd like to come up with some intelligent commentary about this turn of events, but all I can come up with is, "Whoo hoo!"

Actual 2004 election result in Arizona:
Bush 55%, Kerry 44%

"Whoo hoo," indeed.

So, "Erin in Flagstaff" is a middle-aged woman with a government job, who actually believed that John Kerry might make Arizona a "battleground state," who can find nothing better to do in Las Vega than to hang around with a liberal loser like Caccioppoli and react to Joe Wilson as if she were still a 14-year-old girl in 1972 getting Bobby Sherman's autograph.

She is typical of the kind of people DailyKos attracts -- Erin's post got over 200 comments -- and this is why the Kossack/Moonbat/ alliance is such an albatross around the neck of the Democratic Party. It's sort of like a black hole of loserdom, with a gravitational pull so strong that nothing can escape. It's like holding a caucus in an insane asylum, where reason and logic are rejected by a show of hands as the first order of business.

My advice to Yearly Kos attendees: Stay away from the casinos. Given your genius for losing, if you go anywhere near the video poker machines, you'll be broke within an hour.

* * * * *
HotAir has a mole inside Yearly Kos: "If self-righteousness were an alternative source of energy, gas would be twelve cents per gallon." The mole gets advice from Blue Crab Boulevard: "Chew an arm off and escape. It's not too late!"

Expose the Left has video of a Barbara Boxer speech ... if you're a masochist.

Jeff Goldstein says: "So I was thinking: were I actually covering this Yearly Kos dealie, my guess is that right about now I’d be trying to saw my own head off with a shoehorn ...."

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