Monday, June 26, 2006

'Where did it originate?'

UPDATE: Ms. O'Brien having replied to my reply below, I now have responded in a new post. This could be fun. I type 60 wpm and can write nearly as fast as I type, Ms. O'Brien, so I can always waste more of your time than you can waste of mine. ...

* UPDATE: 5:15 p.m. 6/29*
Massive roundup of the JeromeGate/Ko$ola scandal at Hotline's Blogmeter.

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June 29, 2006, 2:30 p.m.
Memo to Barbara "Mahablog" O'Brien
RE: Comments

When we launched the DONKEY CONS blog, we had a bit of a vandalism problem, thanks to some of your leftist friends. (Not content to have ruined their own countries, they come here to ruin ours.) Thus, we don't have comments for the same basic reason that, e.g., Michelle Malkin doesn't have a comment field and Ann Coulter must travel with bodyguards.

I ask you, Ms. O'Brian: Whatever happened to Kathleen Willey's cat?

Consumed with visions of a statist utopia that they imagine could be so easily achieved, if only the opposition could be permanently silenced, the Left has shown for decades -- here and abroad -- a vicious appetite for destruction. Edmund Burke saw this tendency in the French Revolution: The sans-culottes desired to destroy the Crown, the Church and the aristocracy, without any care what replaced it. And what replaced it, of course, was first the Terror and then the dictatorship of Napoleon.

In the pursuit of Marxist-Leninist dreams, 100 million people were slaughtered in the 20th century, many millions more shut away in prisons, and entire societies were plunged into backwardness and poverty. "Social democrats," though less violent, have shown themselve no less effective at wrecking economies and destroying societies. (It is worth noting, as did William Shirer, that Hitler learned his political tactics by observing Austria's Social Democrats. And Mussolini was a Marxist before he was a fascist.)

The analogies are strained, but I will risk making them: Trotsky ended up with an ice-ax in his skull, Judge Harold Haley got his head blown off, and the furious vandalism of the Left caused us to disable comments at our blog. Our university campuses are under a regime of ideological terrorism -- ask Larry Summers -- against anyone who would dare dissent against your illiberal lies.

Destroy, destroy, destroy. It is all you do and all you know and all you can dream. You burn with hatred and resentment of anyone who dares create anything, or wishes to retain what they've earned. Ayn Rand had you marked: You're anti-freedom because you're anti-life.

And as soon as anyone objects to your destructiveness, or calls attention to what it is you do, you play the outraged victim: "Oh, they're questioning our patriotism!" Should the truth-tellers persist in their impudence, you smear and defame -- "drag a hundred-dolllar-bill through a trailer park," etc. -- and if that doesn't work ... I repeat, whatever happened to Kathleen Willey's cat?

So I make a few wisecracks about your Manhattan soiree and your evident cluelessness as to why Jerome Armstrong's ethics are under scrutiny, and what do I get? The accusation that I "lack ... guts." And that I am "jealous" of someone with no more sense than to give money and flattery to those who have betrayed and exploited them.

You paid $125 to attend an event to heap honors upon Markos. It's as if one were lauding a three-card monte dealer for his commitment to "progressive public policy for social and economic fairness." It's as if Republicans were throwing black-tie affairs to honor Jack Abramoff, Michael Scanlon and Adam Kidan.

You don't understand that you are being misled by a pack of charlatans, and even when fellow liberal Democrats attempt to suggest that your ideals are being betrayed by a couple of hucksters, you only shout them down, lest the "movement" be betrayed. Cry and pout as you will, Lee Siegel was onto something.

Guts? Yes, you've got more guts than I do, Ms. OBrien. One thing I've learned from my study of the Left: It's always safer to be their enemies than to be their friends. (Ask Betty van Patter or Diana Oughton. Oh. Sorry, you can't ask them. They'd dead.) I hope, dear Barbara, that you never have any cause to disagree with Markos and Jerome, because if you do, trust me, they'll teach you a lesson about their commitment to "social justice." (Have none of you people ever read Hayek or Mises? Thomas Sowell? Does any of this even ring a bell?)

The habits of the Left are predictible, and have been for centuries, and this is why Chapter One of DONKEY CONS begins with an epigraph from Cicero: Don't you see that your plans are known to us all?

Go ahead, Ms. O'Brien. Keep going the way you're going, the blind leading the blind. Attack Joe Lieberman. Call President Bush some more names. The "people-powered movement" is going to make history in 2006, all right. Just not the history you're hoping for.

We'll see you on Nov. 8, losers.

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(H/T Treacher) Left-wing blogger Barbara demands to know:
Where did the finger-wagging campaign originate? Why is the MSM suddenly piling on Kos this week? Is attacking Kos a back-door way of derailing candidates associated with Kos? Like Mark Warner? Or Sherrod Brown? Or Ned Lamont? Who is orchestrating this?
A mystery that is vast, indeed! Perhaps we can employ "one of several different predictive mathematical disciplines" to solve it. (Welcome to "the reality-based community," baby!) Or maybe, like Jerome "Cleo" Armstrong, you're just talking out of Uranus again.

Barbara, perhaps if you weren't so busy running around Manhattan hanging out with your limousine liberal pals at $125-a-ticket galas honoring Chairman Markos, maybe you'd have time to do a bit of research and figure out what's going on.