Thursday, June 01, 2006

Wonder Years

Remember adorable Winnie, the sweet little brown-eyed girl at JFK Junior High who was always breaking Kevin's heart on "The Wonder Years"?

She grew up! (H/T: Dan Riehl, Agent Bedhead)

Danica's never gonna forgive Fred Savage, says A Concerned Fan. And now that I look around, that's just the funniest "celebrity news" site I've ever seen. I like the one about Katie Couric, and the one about Al Gore. Hey, Fan, why aren't you writing for "Saturday Night Live"? Oh. That's right. ... They don't hire funny writers anymore.

Attention, Vilmar: Chick of the Week nominee!

Eric, commenting at Agent Bedhead, says, "wow ... and I thought she was hot when she was 14." Uh, Eric, you actually hit the "send" button on that one, OK pal? It's going to be on the Internet forever. This is why friends don't let friends blog drunk.

I'm doing too much chick stuff on the blog lately: Judith Levine, "Killer Queen" Kosilek, Ann Coulter, Deidre McCloskey ...