Thursday, July 20, 2006

Armageddon for Moonbats

Matt Stoller, ignoring pleas from friends and family, drank the Kos Kool-Aid and is now hallucinating about a Ned Lamont victory.

If and when the effects wear off, maybe Matt will consider some facts:
  • Lieberman has led every public poll in this primary.
  • Lieberman stomped Lamont in the TV debate.
  • The Moonbats are about to be taught a lesson that Hezbollah is currently learning: Genesis 12:3.
So tell me, Matt, how come Jerome Armstrong's astrology charts didn't warn him about the IDF's plans to boost the Joe-Mentum?

The Jihad Johnnies are lobbing missiles into Haifa, sparking talk of World War III, and the Moonbats think they're going to defeat one of the staunchest Zionists in the Senate?

Good night, Ned!