Sunday, July 16, 2006

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Don Surber sees the upside of the Valerie Plame suit, and also wonders who would buy a CD of jailbird lullabies.

Jiblog: Paul Harvey, hate criminal?

Alpaca Burger: Nuke Iran!

Moonbat Patrol
Dan Riehl examines the increasingly bizarre paranoid projections of a left-wing blogger, which seem to have been touched off in the wake of the Kosola/JeromeGate meltdown and the frightening Frisch freakout.

Greenwald, it seems, is calling for an investigation of right-wing bloggers. But Glenn, here's the thing: When did Jeff Goldstein or Glenn Reynolds (a) hold online fund-raising drives for Republicans, (b) become consultants to leading GOP candidates, (c) organize a campaign to unseat an incumbent Republican senator, or (d) hold a Vegas convention, invite the national media, lots of top candidates, and declare themselves the future of American politics?

Answer: Never. Kos and Jerome did all that, thus exposing themselves to scrutiny. I can't explain what happened to Frisch except a possible object lesson in why drinking and blogging don't mix.

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American Idle: Who votes for Democrats?

BlackFive: "I question your patriotism."

Brian Maloney: Garofalo's gone!

Right-Wing Howler treats us once again to the Chick of the Week. (Vilmar, I specifically requested this one.)

Rob Huddleston says, "What 11th Commandment?"