Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Castro dead? Thank you, God!

Just a rumor so far but it's a reason to smile -- even if it's, say, 47 years too late.

It would be the answer to years of prayers of many millions of people.

That Commie bastard took over Cuba in 1959 -- the year I was born -- so I've been waiting my entire life for that lying bloodthirty SOB to collect his one-way express ticket to the Bottomless Pit.

There's one line from "Scarface" that sums up my feelings on this subject:
I kill a communist for fun. But for a green card? I gonna carve him up real nice.
-- Tony Montana

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate Communists? Really. The only good Commie is a ...
Well, if the rumors are true, Fidel just joined the ranks of the good Commies.

CROAK CASTRO PRAYER CIRCLE: Jonah Goldberg, Dangerous Extremist, Right Angle, Babalu Blog, Malkin , Fausta, Uncommon Sense ...

Independent Sources points out that Cuban women are smoking hot, with a bikini-clad Daisy Fuentes to illustrate the point. (Remember: Both hands on the keyboard.)

Erick at Red State -- who, being from Georgia, should know a thing or two about smoking hot babes -- keeps both hands on the keyboard long enough to predict:
Cuban-American relations will be effectively normalized within 48 hours of the verification of Fidel Castro's death. 72 if it happens on a weekend.
* * * * *
I just talked to a friend who fled Cuba with her parents decades ago.

She: "I don't know. It seems like he's never going to die. Castro's like a cockroach. You could nuke him and it probably wouldn't kill him."

Me: "Well, it wouldn't hurt to try ..."
* * * * *
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