Monday, July 10, 2006

Frisch: Your tax dollars at work?

Deborah Frisch apparently got federal grants to do research on decision-making for the National Science Foundation, and got hyped by National Public Radio!

I've seen federal tax money spent on some crazy stuff:
But paying Frisch to analyze decision-making processes ... wow!

To start with, what's the decision-making process behind that mullet?

* * * * *
I went back to Protein Wisdom and tried to figure where this all started. It appears that shortly after noon on Monday, July 3, Frisch (aka Southwestpaw) posted this comment:

Lemme get this straight - your boxers are in a knot because the NYT leaked information that threatens the security of the US?

Are you COMPLETELY out of your mind? Do you really not understand that George Dubya Bush threatens the security of the US a trillion times more than the NYT by continuing to order the occupation of Iraq?

Got neurons?

A few exchanges and two hours later, Frisch was mocking Christianity:

Icing on the cake would be a couple of kooky kristians who believe:

There’s this guy.
His name is god.
He lives in the sky.
He had a son named Jesus by a virgin named Mary.
Jesus died for YOUR sins but he lives for ever.
What a guy.
Of course, what would you expect from the Son of GOD!

Come on, I know you’re out there kooky kristians - doncha wanna play?

Frisch continues baiting the commenters:

I don’t buy into the idea of tolerance. We make you want to puke and you do the same to us! Why should either one of us pretend that we have anything but revulsion, contempt, disgust for each other? Really - what’s the point?

You wouldn’t tolerate it if your neighbors’ kids defecated in your back yard, would you? Some things are too disgusting to be “tolerated” - that’s how I feel about you and I reckon, that’s how you feel about me.

And here:

i could retaliate by making jokes about your flaccid attempt at humor and how you probably haven’t been humped in a decade, etc. but why bother?
A little past 3 p.m., she's taunting Goldstein, demanding to be banned:

Your neuronless leader has shown his stripes by threatening to ban me, but not yet, because I’m useful to him.

I guess this is his way of feeling powerful - like it would matter to me if I had to cross this pathetic little cesspool off my list of places to flex my first amendment.

Come on tough guy - ban me!

She then starts posting links to her anti-Christian diatribes and homophobic attacks on Republicans, and by 4:20 p.m. she's touting her credentials:

I’m a decision scientist. That’s why I was hired for a gig as the Director of the Decision, Risk and Management Sciences Program at the National Science Foundation from July, 2001 through August, 2003. My area of psychology is in judgment and decision research. It’s a big ephing deal - Danny Kahneman the psychologist who is a co-founder of my subtribe of psychology won the fauxbel prize in economics in 2002 for this research. As you know, it’s rare for a psychologist to get a nobel prize in economics.
At this point, the best possible explanation for Frisch's rants is that she's blogging with a .012 blood-alcohol level. "Fauxbel prize"?

She then goes "to my so-called real life" and returns at 6:35 p.m. to declare:

This is the first time I have garnered this much attention with a bit of trolling and people disparaging my looks, Curriculum Vitae, publications (e.g., Counterpunch piece), job, field, etc. ...

I regret that I do not have time to respond individually to every put-down, snub, diss, bitch and moan. ...

One clarification: I am not a tenured professor. I was denied tenure at the University of Oregon for being a gadfly.

OK, she seems to be upset that Goldstein and his regular commenters went to her blog, did some research and figured out who she is. But "denied tenure ... for being a gadfly"? Eh?

It seems Frisch didn't hit it off well with the department head at Oregon, then found herself at age 32 that great tragedy of academia: The untenured Ph.D.

In most cases nowadays -- considering that Ph.Ds in psychology are in surplus -- this portends a much less glorious career path. Adjunct teaching jobs, or perhaps a more-or-less permanent job at some Podunk College in the sticks.

Without tenure, however, one's opportunities for off-duty activism are limited, you see? If you get tenure -- guaranteed employment for life! -- you can be a superstar political activist like Chomsky and the administration can't touch you. But ... no tenure? Well, that's a year-to-year contract and who knows if the failure to renew your contract was a result of your activism with the Progressive LGBT Environmentalists for Palestine?

So it was the Monday before 4th of July, and Dr. Frisch -- sober or not -- was 12 years into her non-tenured existence and evidently deep in the throes of depression. She's an untenured, menopausal lesbian Ph.D. who can't even get "partner" benefits at the University of Arizona. She wades into the first open-comment conservative blog she finds and tries to pick a fight with the right-wingers she blames for her depressing situation.

Dang it, y'all! I'm feeling a Ned Flanders moment coming on again. Dr. Frisch doesn't need to be hated and hounded. She needs prayer and understanding. She's a profoundly depressed (and possibly alcoholic) basket case who just trolled her way into the unemployment line.

So what if she's an anti-war lesbian? Anti-war lesbians are people, too! Goldstein's already accepted an apology (and a bottle of tequila). Who are we to keep hatin' on Deb?

Look, I'm sorry about the mullet jokes, Doc. I used to have a fine mullet myself, back in the day ....
* * * * *
OK, huge hat tip to Alcibiades for this Deb Frisch quote:
After 911, I got into the idea that my current status in academia (migrant professor) is analogous to being a Palestinian in Israel. The only difference is, I used to be a Jew (tenure-track professor). But somehow, in my mind, I've started to identify with Palestinians and Iraqis and this increases my desire to throw metaphorical rocks....
Wound? Salt! Alcibiades, you sadist:
In real life, Deborah is a Jew. But obviously one that has been brainwashed by the Edward Said school of alternate history and one sided scholarship.

With a screwed up internalization process like that, I don't think it takes a psychologist to understand why an articulate Jewish conservative like Jeff Goldstein would become such a source of primal rage for her.
Ouch. You know that's gotta hurt. Because I'm thinking about Deborah's parents right now: "Miss Bigshot Lesbian Ph.D., thinks she's a Palestinian!"