Sunday, July 09, 2006

"Fritsch": Self-immolation

A commenter at ProteinWisdom defines "Frisch": (verb) To self-immolate in public. BlackFive expands the definition:
To Frisch: Writing something on the internet so creepy and offensive that you are forced to quit your job before getting canned. Ex. Deb really frisched herself when she threatened that blogger's 2 year old child with death and sexual molestation.
Michelle Malkin and Hot Air are all over it, and our buddy Dan Riehl adds some important insight. A summary with lots of links at Tel-Chai Nation.

Of all the "unhinged" behavior by BDS-afflicted moonbats over the past few years, this episode is above and beyond the call of left-wing lunacy. A woman with a Ph.D in psychology, an adjunct instructor at a public university, decides to launch an unremittingly personal attack on a conservative blogger, of such frantic and frightening intensity that she resigns her position when her identity is exposed.

Why? Because his name is "Goldstein"? C'mon, Deb, was that it? Were you afraid he was one of those "Lieberman-worshipping neocons" that Kos has warned about?

What's weird is how, when they flip out like this, the moonbats always resort to the kind of ethnic scapegoating they otherwise insist is the Right's exclusive province. For example, some idiot commenter at ProteinWisdom refers to Malkin as "the Anchor Baby." In case you don't know anything about immigration law, this is an insulting reference to Malkin's Filipino immigrant parents.

A moonbat's choice of insults would not interest me at all, except that the Left is constantly accusing conservatives of all manner of hateful bias toward blacks, Jews, immigrants, women, homosexuals, etc. It's as if the Left is so convinced of its moral superiority vis a vis "social justice" that they can unleash any cruel epithets or ugly insinuations that suit them, and never be guilty of any wrong, nor even suspected of bad motives. So:
  • Malkin is subjected to a constant stream of references to "comfort women," LBFMs, and (egads!) pingpong balls;
  • Coulter is Photoshopped into pornographic poses (I won't link those);
  • Condi Rice is likened to Aunt Jemima; and
  • Conspiratorial references are made to the Jewishness of various Iraq war supporters.
All this is fair game for the Left, you see, because they know how superior they are to us racist, sexist, nativist, xenophobic jingo hatemongers. Such is the all-encompassing virtue of their politics, they can quite literally do no wrong. This is what their slogan "By Any Means Necessary" really means. Lee Siegel is correct in saying that this is a totalitarian perspective. It's Animal Farm, and they are the animals who are more equal than others.

Once the election is over, someone should convene a panel to explain exactly how the Left's blogosheric manifestatons of hate contributed to the Democratic Party's unexpectedly crushing defeat on Nov. 7. I'd love to get my two-cents' worth into that discussion.