Sunday, July 16, 2006

GQ on Ralph Reed

GQ does a brutal takedown on Ralph Reed:
Reed doesn’t talk to reporters anymore. His campaign manager, a boyish redhead in a turquoise golf shirt named Jared, has already made that clear. “We don’t do anything with out-of-state press,” he said earlier, striding across the parking lot with a can of Tab in his hand.

Why not?

“Because we’re running for lieutenant governor of the state of Georgia.”

Jared says that as if it’s the most obvious fact in the world, as blatant and transparent as the giant red pickup Reed’s driving as a campaign prop. It’s also silly. Senator Cagle is running for the same office, and he’ll talk to any reporter who rings his campaign office. That’s what candidates do, and usually with the same grace and charm with which they shake hands and kiss babies and ask for money. Not Reed, though. He hasn’t given an on-the-record quote of any substance to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution in six months, and he hasn’t granted a serious interview to any paper big enough to have a Nexis account in at least as long. And sit-down interviews? Not a chance.

The reason he doesn’t talk to reporters is that he can’t afford to. If he does, they’ll just start asking him all those uncomfortable questions that have nothing to do with being lieutenant governor. Mostly, they’ll ask about his relationship—his multimillion-dollar relationship—with convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff. And that’s if they’re only skimming the surface. Give them some time and they’ll ask about his work for eLottery or Enron or Microsoft; or his shilling for China; or his close call with the statute of limitations in Texas; or the way John McCain got slimed in the 2000 South Carolina primary; or something called the Black Churches Insurance Program. Maybe they’d even ask how he squares up his professed salvation through his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with…well, with everything else.

Those would be awkward conversations.

Big hat tip to BBBBlog, and you can read the whole thing here.

A gay Georgia Democrat explains why he'll vote for Reed in the July 18 primary:
His involvement with the Abramoff scandals is just now coming to light, and his presence on the GOP slate drags down the entire ticket, from Governor on down. His opponent in the primary is Casey Cagle, who is just as anti-freedom and anti-gay as Ralph is. The only weak GOP candidate in any of the big-ticket races is Reed. If Cagle wins the primary, he wins the race. If Reed wins the primary, the Democrats still have a chance to hold on to the seat.
Very good analysis, and if I was still a Democrat -- and still lived in Georgia -- that's exactly what I'd do. If Georgia Democrats are to have any hope in November, they want Reed to beat Cagle. A vote for Reed is a vote that hurts the Georgia GOP.