Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Judith Levine & her pedophile admirers

A couple months ago, I talked about my old feud with Judith Levine, author of the pro-pedophile book Harmful to Minors. Levine gets angry at the accusation that her book is an encouragement for, and defense of, child molesters, but if you Google her name and her book title, you quickly find that pedophiles are some of her biggest fans.

So here we go again: An avowed pedophile who declares himself a fan of Harmful to Minors. (He's also a big fan of Dakota Fanning.)

Among his commenters: ILGO, GLMeister, and the Lepidopterist, who likewise considers Dakota Fanning a "hottie," and who has a "girl lover" group blog here.

Here's a classic: ILGO has another site dedicated to the proposition that fathers are a greater danger to their own daughters than are child molesters. This is totally bogus, and even dangerous. In fact, the greatest sexual risk to girls -- something that Professor Robin Fretwell Wilson has examined in the context of divorce -- comes from stepfathers and "mom's boyfriend." Fretwell sees the increase of non-traditional family forms (via divorce, remarriage and single parenthood) as the basic cause of the rise in child sexual abuse, especially for girls. This is ironic, because feminists have led the way in demonizing fathers and the traditional marriage-based family, thus encouraging the trend toward fatherless households -- and little girls have suffered as a result.

But to return to the author of Harmful to Minors: Levine writes a book about how bad it is to protect children from sex, the sources cited in the book include notorious pedophiles, she argues in that book for lowering the age of consent to 12, and the book draws almost universal praise from avowed pedophiles BUT ... it's not a pro-pedophile book.