Sunday, July 09, 2006

Kiss of death watch: Ned Lamont

How to win over those upscale suburban swing voters in Connecticut?

Maxine Waters!

What, Al Sharpton had a previous engagement?

Let's count the kisses of death for Ned:

1. Ridiculous Kos ad.
2. Arianna Huffington's endorsement.
3. Dick Morris picks Ned.
4. Backed by
5. Pimp-slapped by Joe in debate.
6. "Kerosene Maxine" comes to Connecticut.

Next: Billy McKinney endorses Ned?

It's all over but the whining.

Also reporting and/or blogging Joe-Mentum: Matthew Continetti, Jonathan Chait, Joe Gandelman, Blue Crab Boulevard, Mark Noonan ...

Moonbat Update!

Meanwhile, the Kossacks -- having been sucked into the Kos "let's pick a loser" vortex once again with Lamont -- have commenced quarreling amongst themselves.

Commentary at Little Green Footballs, Riehl Worldview, Ace of Spades HQ, The Commisar, Hot Air ...

The inter-Kossack feuding, IMHO, all goes back to the question: How is that $832,000 revenue stream divvied up? Once the left-wing lemmings in the Million Moonbat March figured out that Kos and Jerome were getting filthy rich via "progressive activism," it was only a matter of time before the long knives came out.

It's a lot easier to understand Democrats' get-rich-quick schemes once you realize that Enron was a Democrat scandal.

Blog Hottie Update!

Just noticed that Ace of Spades was commenting on the personal attractiveness of dissident Kossack Mary Scott O'Connor. Given that some of us blogdudes are well past the sell-by date of our studliness, I think it grossly unfair to play Rate-a-Date with blogchicks.

However, Ace points out that while the Other Paper's photographer portrays Mary Scott as a desperate wacko, the lady actually has a degree of hottitude.

I'm strictly non-partisan when it comes to beauty. In fact, during the Lewinsky scandal, I risked ostracism among fellow conservatives by pointing out that, however many "fat chick" jokes you want to throw at her ... Monica is hot.

All of which is, however, merely an excuse to point out that Vilmar has just posted his Chick of the Week.


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