Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Kos "Let's pick a loser" update

A couple weeks ago, I told you how the Ayatollah Kosola had picked yet another loser candidate to endorse, a former Clinton aide who's trying to get elected in an upscale Chicago suburban district. I described the incumbent, Republican Rep. Mark Kirk, as "a razor-sharp candidate" who was also "sitting on $1.3 million campaign cash."

Surprise, surprise! Guess who Morton Kondracke just named "one of Congress’ most effective moderates"? And guess who is the architect of "the GOP’s 'Suburban Agenda,’ a set of bills designed to appeal to the majority of American voters who live in the suburbs."

Rep. Mark Kirk, naturally.

So while the Moonbat Mullahs of Kosistan cry "jihad" and waste resources in vain efforts to defeat a Democratic moderate like Joe Lieberman -- Joe-Mentum, baby! -- Republican moderate Mark Kirk is cooking up a GOP mini-agenda, perfectly sized for the mini-vans driven by suburban soccer moms.

(Remember this the next time Schumer or some other Democrat starts ranting about how the GOP is controlled by dangerous extremists and the Religious Right.)

Did you know that Mark Kirk has been endorsed by NEA and Planned Parenthood, and that the Chicago Tribune called this Republican "one of the brightest members of the House"? Well, I knew that because I visited the Kirk for Congress campaign Web site.

Now, what did I say on June 30?
I just don't see a smart Republican guy like Mark Kirk getting rolled by a left-wing Democrat running his first-ever campaign. And the fact that this is one of the "key races" targeted by Kos gives you a good idea of just what dim prospects the Democrats have for '06.
I'm just an objective reporter of facts, and certainly I'm no big fan of NEA or Planned Parenthood. But if I were a gambling man I'd bet that if Republicans (even conservative pro-life Republicans) realized that the left-wing Moonbats were targeting Mark Kirk as part of their plan to take over Congress, put Nancy Pelosi in charge and impeach President Bush ... Well, if the high-rolling rich Republican fat cats knew about that, I bet they might want to help Mark Kirk lay a huge lopsided defeat on that former Clinton aide who's running against him.

Because whatever else Mark Kirk votes for, he'll vote to make a Republican speaker of the House when the 110th Congress convenes after the next election. And as Bob Barr once told me in reference to Connie Morella, that's the vote that really matters.

But what do I know? I'm just a dumb blogger. I don't generate $832,000 a year in annual ad revenue like Markos Moulitsas Zuniga does. And I don't know anything about astrology or dot-com stocks like Jerome Armstrong does. No 2008 presidential candidates have signed me as a campaign consultant, either.

It's kind of a funny thing about Republicans: They manage to win elections pretty regularly, without making a lot of headlines about how they pay so much attention to bloggers. Maybe that's because politicians who pay attention to bloggers are crazy.

So please, Republican politicians, don't listen to bloggers. Dan Riehl, Don Surber, Allah Pundit, Ace of Spades, Red State -- don't listen to any of those guys. They're nice guys and all that, but they're just bloggers, OK? If bloggers ever say anything important enough that you need to know about it, you'll hear about it on talk radio or see it on Fox News.

Whatever you do, Republican politicians, don't do like the Democrats. Don't surrender your campaign strategy to a bunch of clowns just because they happen to have a URL on their business cards, OK? And don't let bloggers pick your next party chairman. That would be crazy.

You beat Democrats. We'll blog about it. Deal?