Thursday, July 06, 2006

Moonbat update 7-6

According to the rate sheet, Daily Kos generates gross annual revenue of $832,000.

So how much of that moolah does the Moonbat Mullah give to support Democrats?

According to FEC figures, $3,850 in the past six years.

Remember that, while you read the latest article from The Hill, about La Blogga Nostra's 2006 strategy:

Four of the most powerful left-wing political bloggers have developed a new joint strategy to steer financial support from the “netroots,” or Internet-based activists, to Democratic challengers, many of whom they know have little chance of winning their mid-term election races.

Markos Moulitsas Zúniga of Daily Kos, Matt Stoller and Chris Bowers of MyDD and “DavidNYC” of Swing State Project have endorsed 16 candidates and posted their names at Act Blue, a website that allows visitors to contribute money to campaigns.

A Democratic challenger need not pass any policy litmus test to earn endorsement; the four bloggers merely need to agree to go ahead. The endorsements depend on the candidate’s having won a measure of support from bloggers in his or her district.

Crucially, the candidate does not have to have a good chance of winning. Bowers said their hope is to “stretch Republican defenses” and turn less-noticed races into top-tier races, which will encourage more activity on the Internet.

“The point of the netroots endorsement is to beat Republicans directly [in a few races], lock down their resources indirectly and support” Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean’s 50-state strategy, Stoller wrote at MyDD, referring to Dean’s efforts to run strong candidates in Republican areas.

In other words: Let's pick a loser!

And yes, while Jerome "Vis Numar" Armstrong and his gang rake in the revenue, it really bothers Markos that he has to beg his blog visitors for money:

On June 30, the Federal Election Commission (FEC) filing deadline for money raised in the second quarter, Moulitsas pleaded for his denizens to make last-minute contributions.

“I hate doing this,” he wrote. “So let me get down on my knees and beg you to give something to someone.” ...

“Here’s the beauty of people-power — would you rather they be working their butts off to inspire you into giving more money, or would you rather they be talking to corporate donors to get them to open up?” he wrote in the same posting.

He continued, “[Once] a candidate can show broad support, he or she can do two things: 1) prove to the big money donors, labor unions, and PACs that the candidacy is viable and worthy of higher level support, and 2) build a list for future activism and fundraising.”

Despite their newfound fame and influence, left-leaning political bloggers have not determined the outcome of an election or raised significant amounts of money, several Democratic aides noted.

So what have La Blogga Nostra accomplished? Moulitsas has a big-screen TV, Armstrong's got consulting contracts and a big house. But ... victories? No, nothing like that.

Don Surber calls them "pawnmakers":
As fund-raisers, the blogs are pretty much a bust. Their top three fundraisers are $79K out of the $776K Lamont has raised, $39K out of the $846K Tester has raised, and $14K out of the $547K Webb has raised.
Right Wing News weighs in:

There's has been a lot of talk about Kos's big losing streak and to the best of my knowledge, he has never pushed a candidate who has beaten a Republican. But even if he did, looking at those numbers, what would make anyone think Kos deserved the credit for the win?

If, let's say, Tester managed to knock off Conrad Burns, why should the netroots get credit for that when they've only delivered about 4.6% of his funding?

Tapped notices that La Blogga Nostra is, in at least four races, going up against organized labor and mentions that Democratic "activists ... increasingly see [bloggers] as more interested in unwinnable statement races or knocking off conservative Democrats in primary contests (cough, Lieberman, cough) than targeting vulnerable Republicans."


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