Tuesday, July 11, 2006

More LoseOn.org idiocy

If you're a Democrat looking to waste your time, read the latest fund-raising letter from MoveOn.org. If you're a Democrat who also wants to waste your money, they're be glad to help with that, too:
Dear MoveOn member,
Right-wing Congresswoman Nancy Johnson (R-CT) is kicking her campaign into high gear this week. Her strategy: distance herself from the bad decisions she's been a part of (like Iraq), and hope to eke out a win under the radar this November.
It ain't going to happen. Starting next Monday, we're deploying our organizers to manage new on-the-ground visibility campaigns with MoveOn members in EVERY competitive Republican district.
We'll make sure Republicans can't hide from the truth.
Because this work is powered by MoveOn volunteers the program is pretty inexpensive—just $3,000 per district for a week-in, week-out campaign for the next two months. For every 60 people who chip in $50, that'll be one more district we can go to. Can you contribute? ...

For the last few months, we've worked together to air "Red-Handed" TV ads that get out the truth about Republicans' ties to big corporations. The ads have been very effective: highly respected polling firm Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research just issued a report on how the ads did. The verdict: the program made a big impact, changing all four races we targeted.

But four races are only a fraction of the total number of seats up for grabs. We need to take our "Caught Red-Handed" message to every competitive district—making sure voters there are armed with the facts about the amount of special interest money their member of Congress took and the bad votes he or she cast.

We know the message works. And through Operation Democracy, our local field program, we know MoveOn members can organize to make a difference. The organizers are raring to go. Now, we just need to raise the money to pay organizers and put the program in motion.

Can you chip in?

There's another piece of good news from our "Red-Handed" TV ads: even in strongly Republican districts, when you provide voters with information about what their Congressman has been up to, they change their allegiance. That's not just good news for us—it's good news for democracy. ...

–Eli, Marika, Carrie, Tanya and the MoveOn.org Political Action Team
Tuesday, July 11th, 2006
Another stinking heap of lies from the MoveOn Moonbats.

Nancy Johnson -- "right-wing"? That would explain her endorsement from the tree-hugging League of Conservation Voters. And there's this analysis from the highly respected, non-partisan Rothenberg Report: "Murphy will be hard-pressed to sneak up on, out-work or out-raise Johnson, as he did with previous opponents. And it will be difficult to label Johnson as a conservative ideologue."

According to the (again, highly respected) Almanac of American Politics, Johnson's voting record is about 60% liberal on social issues, 5o% liberal on economic issues, and 50% liberal on foreign affairs. Some right-wing monster, this 71-year-old Nancy Johnson, who's been in Congress since 1982.

Johnson's Democratic challenger, state Sen. Chris Murphy, actually moved from the neighboring 1st District (where the congressman is a Democrat) in order to run against Johnson. Her 5th District is 80% white with a median household income over $53,ooo, and more military veterans (12%) than people below the poverty line (8%).

Connecticut, and Johnson's district, were pro-Clinton and anti-Bush. But Johnson, a sweet old middle-of-the-road Republican lady who's been in Congress for 24 years, is well-known to her constituents and was sitting on $2.5 million in campaign cash as of April 23.

So, while MoveOn.org is pumping sunshine up the skirts of their suckers ... er, donors, Johnson is actually a quite formidable opponent. Being targeted by MoveOn.org is a sure-thing fundraising appeal for any Republican incumbent. The obvious Democratic strategy is to try to tie Bush around Johnson's neck in a district where Bush has never been popular.

But this is not a presidential year -- no Kerry on the ticket to boost the Dem vote -- and because this really is one of the more vulnerable Repulbican incumbents, the GOP campaign machine will have this district thoroughly canvassed and organizer. Nancy's got plenty of campaign money, and the NRCC will send its A-team to help.

You watch: John McCain, Rudy Giuliani, maybe even Arnold Schwarzenegger -- every big-name Republican with crossover appeal to swing voters will be popping into CT5 between Labor Day and Election Day. The phone canvassers will work the district and the moderates will get recorded calls from Rudy or John, the solid conservatives will get recorded calls from W. or Laura.

I keep telling people: The GOP didn't get to this point without knowing a thing or two about winning elections. The Democrats haven't won a national majority since Jimmy Carter in 1976 (Clinton got 43% in '92 and 49% in '96.) The Democratic donor base keeps frittering away their money on hopeless campaigns, hiring blogger/astrologer/consultants and trying to pass gay marriage in Oklahoma. The GOP hoards its resources and picks its battles.

But the idiots on the MoveOn mailing list (and the folks who give money in DailyKos fundraising campaigns) only get one side of the story, as if the Republican Party was just going to sit and watch while the Dems run their game. It doesn't work that way in real-life elections. Name recognition and incumbency are powerful weapons, especially in a House race, where TV ads are less effective. A lot of the action occurs by phone and direct mail, and $2.5 million will buy a lot of that stuff.

It is, of course, possible that Nancy Johnson can lose this race. It is also possible that a huge unsuspected tsunami of anti-Republican sentiment will come crashing down in November, and if you get that kind of vibe, anything is possible. But when one of MoveOn.org's best prospects for a pickup involves an effort to portray a sweet 71-year-old moderate as a ferocious right-winger ... they're pretty desperate, folks.