Sunday, July 09, 2006

Reports: Reed tops Cagle in TV debate

Even guys who oppose Ralph Reed are saying he outdebated GOP opponent Casey Cagle on Sunday night.

But (a) it's Sunday on public TV, not a big GOP audience, (b) when it came to substantive issues, Cagle reportedly did well.

One blog commenter is already out with his November prediction:
Reed - 55%
Hecht - 40%
Buckley - 5%

Wonder if he'd put money on those numbers? For Reed to get 55%, he'd have to get nearly all the Cagle vote, and Reed's spent three weeks running negative ads against Cagle.

One way or the other, the Georgia GOP's going to need some healing after July 18.

Meanwhile, the GOP candidate for Ga. Sec. of Agriculture promises to protect your breakfast cereal from Osama bin Laden. Thanks, I needed a laugh.