Friday, July 14, 2006

Thanks, Nancy! Thanks, Rahm!

Greetings, THOR TOLO fans!

From page 14 of DONKEY CONS:

Maybe Democrats think Americans are stupid. ... But just how stupid do they think we are? At this writing, Nancy Pelosi and her friends are talking about how Democrats will win control of Congress in 2006 by campaigning against a Republican "culture of corruption." ...

If Democrats try to make "corruption" the central issue of their campaign, they'll surely lose — and we'll probably sell a lot more books.

Hey, Nancy: You go, girl!

Nancy Pelosi put Rahm "Hired Truck" Emanuel -- who owes his seat to the corrupt Daley machine in Chicago -- in charge of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. And now Emanuel's DCCC runs an ad with a doctored photo of Tom DeLay along with photos of flag-draped coffins (ugh), etc.

Guess what, you stupid Democrats? Our phones are ringing, and I'm just about to go on a top afternoon drive-time show on the West Coast.

Talking Point #1: If the problem is corruption in Congress, Democrats are not the solution. We've got an entire book -- with over 600 notes -- covering the astonishing history of Democratic Party corruption. In fact, you might say Democrats invented political corruption in America.

In Chapter 2 of Donkey Cons, we document that over the past 30 years, corrupt Democrats in Congress have outnumbered corrupt Republicans by a 3-to-1 ratio. (The final tally is on page 36 of the book.)

Want some good examples? Let's see, very quickly, from the index of DONKEY CONS:

Somehow, alas, we managed to overlook Rep. Al "Beach Boy" Mollohan (D-W.Va.), but if Nancy and Rahm want to help us sell out the first edition -- BUY TWO COPIES! -- we'll make sure Al gets into the updated paperback.

Oh, and you can download a FREE CHAPTER in PDF format and learn all about the real "party of the rich."

For more information on the DCCC's flag-draped fund-raising video, it's also being blogged by: Red State, Hot Air, Protein Wisdom, Captain's Quarters, Right Angle ...

Thanks to Bioinformaticus Maximus for the link at Red State. I should point out that the sentence, "Rahm Emanuel is corrupt," goes beyond the known facts. Emanuel was elected by the corrupt Daley machine, but this does not mean that Emanuel is personally guilty of any wrongdoing. (The same was true of Harry Truman and the Pendergast machine in Kansas City.)

We might compare Emanuel to Her Fraudulency, Christine Gregoire of Washington state, who took the governorship because the corrupt King County Democrats stole the election. Gregoire herself may have done nothing wrong personally, but her election by illegal means renders her incapable of claiming any "moral high ground."

So it is with Emanuel. As long as the head of the DCCC holds an office gained by illegal means -- and more than a dozen people have gone to prison because of the "hired truck" scandal in Chicago -- then the Democrats have no moral standing to condemn Republicans for a "culture of corruption."


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