Monday, July 24, 2006

Trouble at NRSC Corral

Interesting news and comment about Elizabeth Dole's efforts as chairwoman of the National Republican Senate Committee:
Senator Dole has been the victim of horrible timing. It's tough to be a Republican, right now. ...
But, if there is any room for criticism of the NRSC -- and Senator Dole's leadership -- it lies in their unwavering support of liberal Republicans, such as Lincoln Chafee. Granted, it may be part of the NRSC's charter to support all Republicans, but to what degree they support these candidates is a matter of discretion.
The Doles have never been trusted by conservatives. Bob Dole was once famously denounced by Newt Gingrich as "the tax collector for the Welfare State." He was also known as "the Senator from Archer Daniels Midland." Dole's 1996 presidential campaign was a waste of time and money. By Labor Day, everybody in the GOP knew there was no hope for Dole to win.

Despite conventional wisdom that the GOP is vulnerable this year in the House, I think the greater danger to Republicans is in the Senate, because of guys like Santorum (who was forced to walk the plank for Specter, thus alienating his pro-life base) and Mike DeWine (an open-borders enthusiast).