Sunday, July 09, 2006

The Weirdo Coalition

Y'know, I thought the Moonbat crowd were all chic and cutting-edge and stuff. But ... a mullet?

Some of the comments ("Nancy McKeown from The Facts of Lesbian Life") are hopelessly cruel. Not quite as cruel as threatening a 2-year-old, perhaps ....

Six Meat Buffet's post indicates a potential downside of the Frisch Fry: With 25,000 hits on a single day, she might be able to parlay that into the 2,500-a-day average necessary to get into the "Advertise Liberally" syndicate. (Which, as I keep saying, generates $832,000 a year for DailyKos.)

OK, somebody please explain this pro-Frisch way of thinking:

They Dish It Out But Can't Take It ...

The outrage and vitriol poured on Deb Frisch is just another sterling example of the Right's hypocrisy.

Let's see if we can follow the sequence:
  • Frisch goes to Goldstein's site, and begins posting bizarro psycho-sexual comments about his 2-year-old son.
  • Goldstein cries foul.
  • A denial-of-service attack is launched against Goldstein's site.
Frisch began by using Goldstein's bandwidth to make abusive comments about his family, then when that didn't work so good, some hacker decided to take down his site altogether. It's a completely one-sided aggression against Goldstein.

Excuse me for not noticing any "dish it out" action by Goldstein which merited this assault. Out of all the sites in the blogosphere, why did she attack Protein Wisdom? That's the mystery to me.

The more you learn about the Moonbats, the easier it is to understand their 0-for-eternity track record. They're just ... weird.

Let's start with their leaders:

Markos Moulitsas Zuniga (as noted here June 26) is a 34-year-old who except for a brief Army stint at Fort Sill, Okla., never lived in a Red State, but has bounced between Chicago, El Salvador, Boston and San Francisco. He spent seven or eight years in college --- getting a law degree he never intended to use -- then hired on at a San Francisco-based Web site in 2000. He disdains "lily-white" suburbia. When upset, he expresses fantasies of persecution by "Lieberman-worshipping neocons."

Jerome Armstrong's biography talks about his Peace Corps service in Costa Rica and Sierra Leone, his activism with Greenpeace, and his 18 months in a Buddhist monastery. A 42-year-old perpetual student (master's degrees in conflict resolution and applied linguistics from Portland State), Armstrong's first known attempt at remunerative activity was, according to Security and Exchange Commission records, hustling lousy dot-com stocks circa 1999. He's into astrology and has also been accused of being a troll at Free Republic.

Yet somehow, these two weirdos had, by 2003, hired on as consultants to the Howard Dean campaign and have since emerged as the Moonbat Mullahs, the Ayatollahs of Blogola, the mightiest force in the Democratic Party, having claimed credit (along with for installing Dean as chairman of the DNC, and boasting of their intent and ability to destroy the careers of Lieberman and any other Democrat who doesn't bow before the awesome power of the progressive blogosphere.

The 2% constituency

With me so far? OK, with this kind of leadership, what kind of followers can we expect to find? Early on, I made note of Joe Wilson groupie "Erin in Flagstaff" who was running around YearlyKos with a hopeless loser of a congressional candidate. And in the past few days, we've been introduced to another Moonbat weirdo, abusive commenter Deborah Frisch, who trolled her way out of a job at the University of Arizona.

Flopping Aces noticed that Deborah Frisch was featured in an Arizona Daily Star article about the fact that Arizona universities don't offer "partner" benefits:
Cecile McKee, an associate linguistics professor, would be able to get medical insurance for her partner if she worked for Harvard University, the University of Colorado or Pima Community College. But she can't because she works for the University of Arizona, and her partner is also a woman. "It can't go on forever," said McKee, who arrived at the UA as a postdoctoral fellow 16 years ago. She said her colleagues, her students and her lab are great. But she has started looking at other universities for job opportunities.
The story features a photo of the McKee household with this caption:
Cecile McKee, left, a UA faculty member, has started looking for work where she can get benefits for partner Deborah Frisch.
Well, it's a free country -- whatever floats your boat. But however prevalent such lifestyles might be within academia nowadays, you're talking about something like a 2% minority in America.

Gay marriage has become a sine qua non of Moonbat politics (which is the secret reason why Howard Dean, ex-governor of civil-unions-pioneering Vermont, became their hero). Outside the Deep Blue regions of America, however, anti-gay-marriage referenda keep steamrolling to victory with majorities as high as 81%. It should be obvious that a huge proportion of the 98% of non-LGBT America strongly opposes it.

Still, when a court rules against gay marriage, Moonbat dominance of the Democratic Party requires that the DNC chairman denounce the decision as an expression of "outdated and bigoted notions about families."

In other words, Dean calls an absolute majority of American voters bigots. Moonbats occupy a bizarro-world in which, by right, the 2% gay tail should wag the 98% straight dog. However much this formula might satisfy the Kool-Aid drinkers' notions of "social justice," it's no way to win an election. You can't win elections by campaigning on the platform that a majority of the voters are bigots who don't know what's good for them.

Which brings us to Lamont v. Lieberman ....

Their populist hero

Whatever you think of the Moonbat Jihad against Lieberman, it's obvious that Ned Lamont is not ready for political prime time. This is from Matt Continetti's new article in the Weekly Standard:
On paper, [Ned Lamont] is a caricature of a limousine liberal. His great-grand father was a partner of J.P. Morgan who accumulated dynastic wealth. His great-uncle, Corliss Lamont, was an outspoken pacifist and Socialist. He attended Phillips Exeter, then Harvard, then the Yale School of Management. In between his undergraduate and graduate degrees he dabbled in journalism at a small paper in Vermont. In his inherited fortune, in his elite schooling, in his antiwar politics, and in the demographic makeup of his supporters, he resembles no other American politician so much as Howard Dean--whose brother James, the chairman of Democracy for America, a progressive advocacy group, is supporting Lamont's attempt to topple Lieberman.
Phillips Exeter? Democrats go hunting for a populist hero to take on the Establishment, and they come back with a J.P. Morgan heir who went to Phillips Exeter? Yeah, I bet the rank-and-file Longshoremen and Teamsters -- the beer-and-a-shot guys -- are just really excited about this one, huh?

My God, the Kossacks make David Brooks sound like a populist!
In a dark parody of the old struggle between Eugene McCarthy and Hubert Humphrey, the highly educated, highly affluent, highly Caucasian wing of the Democratic Party has turned liberalism from a philosophy into a secular religion, and then sought to purge a battle-scarred warhorse on the grounds of insufficient moral purity.
However much noise they generate, however much money they raise, however often they proclaim themselves the future of American politics, the Moonbats can never win for the simple reason that they are weirdos who represent the views of an extremist fringe of American society. Only the fawning flattery (or fear) of the liberal media prevents this from being blindingly obvious.

Even if Lamont should defeat Lieberman, even if the Moonbats somehow could elect Lamont to the Senate, this does not change their fundamental problem: They are a minority of a minority, a fringe of a fringe, with no chance of making inroads among middle-class swing voters in the Red States. The Moonbats' success in gaining power and respectability among the Democrat powers-that-be is further evidence of the continued decay of the Democratic Party coalition.

After Nov. 7, this will be as obvious to most Democrats as it is to me now.

UPDATE: Dan Riehl, who's been all over the Kosola/JeromeGate story, wonders if the Moonbat meltdown will hurt bloggers generally. (I don't think so, but it may cool the MSM hype for political sites.) Dan also notices some interesting hypocrisy by Ko$.

The Lamont campaign says the Lieberman campaign used a fake bumper sticker. Don Surber says, "Zzzzzzzzz ..."

Fresh from Hot Air, some Moonbat comments that highlight the liberal sensitivity we've come to love:
At least Dr. Frisch didn’t go around pushing the UC-Santa Cruz chancellor to suicide like your chipmunk-faced chink bitch friend Michelle Malkin.

Only conservative fags like to play the victim. You have a small dick.

1. "Chipmunk-faced chink bitch"? Why does the Left, when provoked, start slinging these kind of childish ethnic epithets?

2. Ditto "conservative fags." Hey, I thought we wingnuts had a monopoly on homophobia?

3. "Play the victim": With no apparent provocation, Frisch threatened his 2-year-old, and his blog got hit with a DOS attack. He didn't have to "play" anything.

4. "Small dick." It's still "just about sex," right?