Sunday, July 16, 2006

Your Reed-Cagle source

The OP has some good background on the Georgia GOP fight, but the basics of this story were reported a couple weeks ago by our favorite journalist:

Georgia candidate raises
Abramoff tie against Reed
July 3, The Washington Times

Reed brushes off new attack ad
July 4, The Washington Times

And now the New York Times plays catch-up, quoting PeachPundit's Erick Erickson (now with Red State):
“There are more dynamics in this lieutenant governor’s race than there are in any other race in the country,” said Erick-Woods Erickson, a conservative blogger based in Macon, Ga., who has followed every nuance of the campaign ....
Of course, Donkey Cons started linking to PeachPundit .... let me check ... oh, well, they were added to our blogroll before March 5, so we were about four months ahead of Pinch's boys.

But the NYTimes notes this classic dodge by Reed:
In his latest advertisement, Mr. Reed points out that he has not been accused of a crime, adding: “I’ve always worked for what we believe in: faith, family and freedom. That’s why the liberal media has attacked me. Because I’ve stood for you and our conservative values.”
Three facts:
  • Reed was a GOP political strategist long before this Abramoff thing made headlines
  • Not all Reed's enemies are in "the liberal media."
  • The previous two facts are not unrelated.