Saturday, March 11, 2006

Headline Update

Quick trip around the news:

Chicago: 100,000 Immigrants Protest
Riehl World: They're Illegal, Deport Them!
Colorado: Bennish returning to class
Vilmar: Katrina whiners
FBI: Katrina fraud
Red State Rant: desperate
Atlanta jury: On or about ... when?


Books and blogs

Remember, we're here to sell DONKEY CONS (buy TWO -- do it for the children), but my day job also occasionally involves books, namely interviewing the authors of important new books. Cool to get paid for that.

Here's my interview with David Horowitz, author of THE PROFESSORS, which contains profiles of 101 academics who indoctrinate young skulls full of mush.

And here's my interview with Rod Dreher, author of CRUNCHY CONS, about conservatives who eat organic vegetables, homeschool and live in old Craftsman houses.

If you buy either of those two books, be sure and add a copy of DONKEY CONS to your shopping cart.


It's hard in here for a perp

Once again, federal research grants help scientists to prove what most people already knew: Sex in prison is a bad idea.

This is a bipartisan consensus. Whatever your party affiliation, if you're a corrupt politician and you get sent to prison, hooking up with your cellmate is always risky.

Ronald Bailey suggests condoms as the answer to the spread of HIV within prisons. I'm skeptical, but then again, I'm always skeptical. And sarcastic. I'll resist the temptation.


P.S.: Remember, buy DONKEY CONS. Do it for the children.

Campbell guilty of tax evasion

* UPDATE JUNE 13, 2006 *
Campbell sentenced 2-1/2 years in federal prison.

* * * * *
MARCH 11, 2006
Former Atlanta mayor Bill Campbell guilty of tax evasion, but the Democrat is acquitted of corruption:
A jury of seven blacks and five whites deliberated two days before voting to convict Campbell on charges that he had $147,000 of unreported income in 1997, 1998 and 1999. ...
Prosecutors had pushed for guilty verdicts on racketeering, bribery and tax evasion, claiming that Campbell ran City Hall as a criminal enterprise. The government’s case, built from a six-year investigation, was largely circumstantial and produced 1,200 exhibits and more than 70 witnesses.
Asked if he was disappointed that Campbell was only convicted on the three tax counts, U. S. Attorney David Nahmias said, “He’s a convicted felon; he’s going to jail.”
But wait a minute: Where did Campbell get the unreported $147,000 in income? Oh -- that was bribe money from city contractors, including United Water, which sent Hizzoner and his mistress on a romantic getaway to Paris. Ten people have been convicted or pleaded guilty in the massive cesspool of corruption that was Atlanta City Hall during the Campbell era. But the mayor was not guilty of corruption. Right:
Prosecutors continully hammered away at Campbell’s voracious cash spending habits that continually grew during his tenure as mayor.
But his cash withdrawls shrank each year as prosecutors said he was increasingly on the take. He withdrew just $69 from his checking account in all of 1999 even though he took many trips with family and female acquaintances both inside and outside the country, prosecutors said.
Prosecutors said Campbell used city contractors as “human ATMs,” dispensing thousands of dollars of cash for him to spend gambling, travel and chasing women.
The prosecution’s final witness was an IRS agent, who detailed Campbell proliferate use of cash.
“Even if every single government witness is lying, Bill Campbell is still guilty of tax fraud, and they can’t wiggle out of that,” assistant U.S. attorney Sally Yates said.
(Note to AJC editors: I think they meant "profligate use of cash," but we get the drift.)

The Campbell trial is a lesson to future corrupt officials: Make sure you get the payments in cash. But it's amazing that Campbell was convicted of anything. The mayor was hugely popular in Atlanta, and his name had come up as a possible running-mate for Al Gore in 2000. The Atlanta papers give the walk-off quote to a local talk-radio personality (we assume what Neal Boortz told them was unprintable):
Consumer advocate and radio talk show host Clark Howard said he was “thrilled” with the verdict.
“Obviously, its a compromise verdict. But the jury said there was not just smoke, there was fire. I just hope he ends up where he belongs — prison. I said years ago on my show that the only thing missing from his shirt was a prison number. Now, hopefully, he’ll get it.”
“The reason I was so vehement with this guy is because he is a human tragedy. He had such great capability and he threw it away in the search for power, for arrogance and the desire for money. He harmed our city and harmed himself. He was a very charming bright man who blew it.”
I predicted from the start that no Atlanta jury would ever convict Bill Campbell of jaywalking, and it turns out I was wrong. As George Will says, being a pessimist means you're never disappointed and when you're wrong, you're pleasantly surprised. Hats off to U.S. Attorney Sally Yates and her team of prosecutors for accomplishing the impossible.

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Friday, March 10, 2006

Anti-527 Democrats (irony alert)

They were for 527s before they were against them:

TALLAHASSEE -- Democratic legislators are demanding an end to the practice of lawmakers forming political committees supported by large checks from special interests and using that money for personal expenses such as meals, travel and cell phones.
Democrat-sponsored Senate and House bills would bar lawmakers, legislative candidates and statewide officials and candidates from raising or accepting money or coordinating with the so-called soft money committees, generally known as 527s or committees of continuous existence. A violation would be a third-degree felony. ...

Dozens of lawmakers, many of them Senate Republicans, have formed committees in recent years to finance bids for leadership posts, give money to colleagues' campaigns or expand their influence. Much of that money is solicited from special interests with a big stake in pending legislation.
"This is absolutely wrong," said Rep. Dan Gelber, D-Miami Beach. "You should not be able to take a bundle of cash."
As Lynn says, "Is it possible to die from irony?"

What were the biggest 527s in 2004? Who did Americans Coming Together support? What party did the Joint Victory Campaign support?

This is just like Democrats' fake outrage over "soft money" before McCain-Feingold. Democrats were always more heavily dependent on "soft money" than Republicans; the GOP has for decades far outpaced Democrats in small-donor "hard money" contributions. So when McCain-Feingold was passed (gee, I wonder who was behind that idea?) rich Dems just funneled their money into 527s. But now that the GOP has learned to play the game, oh, that's just so unfair!

Why do Democrats think they can still get away with this stuff? The MSM monopoly used to aid and abet such duplicity, and the Dems got intellectually lazy. But then An Army of Davids slew the mighty beast and I seem to recall something once said by Ken Layne.

Somebody please tell this to the St. Petersburg Times: "Dude, you are so fisked!"

And be sure to do something for the children.


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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Hillary's Sex Problem

Poor Hillary. New York gay activists have turned against her because she opposes gay marriage, prompting political analyst Jay Leno to observe:

"More problems for Hillary Clinton. The head of New York state's leading gay rights group describes Hillary Clinton as a disappointment on same-sex marriage. Today, her husband Bill described her as a disappointment on opposite-sex marriage."

Hat tip: The Politicker


Socialist Dems call for wartime defense cuts

Over at GOPUSA, Bobby Eberle reports:

Despite some tough talk coming from a select few Democrats on Capitol Hill regarding defense and the war on terror, it appears that liberals are still liberals, and no amount of spin will change that fact. The latest evidence is a program sponsored by the Congressional Progressive Caucus which calls for $60 billion in cuts to the defense budget. And this is the party that wants to be seen as strong on defense?

According to a report in The Hill, the proposal would take money away from defense and shift it to “humanitarian assistance, social programs, energy conservation, homeland security and deficit reduction.”

“I think it’s time for Congress and the House to talk about the huge amount of tax dollars going for weapons systems designed to fight a Cold War that doesn’t exist,” said Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.), co-chairwoman of the 62-member Democratic group. “I don’t think people realize the billions of dollars that are being wasted.”

We don't think people realize that the lunatics are now running the asylum. The Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC), a direct spin-off of the Democratic Socialists of America, has achieved critical mass. At this writing 62 members of Congress -- fully one-third of Democratic members -- have joined the CPC. Among the members are David Bonior and Jim McDermott who, at the height of pre-war tensions with Baghdad, flew to Iraq and declared Saddam Hussein more trustworthy than George W. Bush.

Here's a little inside information on the CPC from our forthcoming book, Donkey Cons: Sex, Crime, and Corruption in the Democratic Party:

Leftist Democrats are still clinging to the Marxist dream…[B]ecause of that dream, Democrats tend to nurture subversion. Today, subversive Democrats even have an official club: the Congressional Progressive Caucus. The Progressive Caucus was founded in 1992 by Reps. Bernie Sanders of Vermont (an avowed socialist who has the good sense to advertise himself as an independent), Peter DeFazio of Oregon, Lane Evans of Illinois, Maxine Waters of California, and the arguably treasonous [California Congressman] Ron Dellums.

Here's some intriguing background on Dellums: He, along with the noted patriot Barbara Lee in 1983 were found to have been collaborating with Maurice Bishop, the Marxist dictator of Grenada, in order to conceal from the Reagan Administration Bishop's military alliance with the Soviet Union . At the time, Lee was Dellum's assistant. Now she is co-chair of the CPC. (Politically, Lee is slightly to the left of V.I. Lenin.)

When he helped launch the [CPC], Dellums was an official with the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) and, during his three decades in the House, worked closely with the committed Marxists and Soviet KGB agents at the Institute for Policy Studies, a sort of boot camp for American communists. The DSA is “the largest socialist organization in the United States and the principal U.S. affiliate of the Socialist International."

Until 1999, the DSA hosted the Progressive Caucus Web site, and the caucus’s Web site linked back to the DSA.22 Today, the ties are less visible, but can be found in dual memberships. For example, New York Congressman Major Owens is a member of both the DSA and the Progressive Caucus.With such close ties, it is instructive to learn what the DSA believes. Here’s the group in its own words:23

• “We are socialists because we reject an international economic order sustained by private profit.”

• “The current assault on the welfare state led by corporate and conservative elites is also an attack on political democracy.”

• “A democratic commitment to a vibrant pluralist life assumes the need for a . . . representative government to regulate the market. . . . In the 21st century this will increasingly occur through international, multilateral action.”

• “Free markets or private charity cannot provide adequate public goods and services.”

• “No country, even a superpower like the United States, can guarantee peace and stability, never mind justice. Only a multinational armed force can intervene in conflicts to enforce
generally accepted standards of human rights and democratic practices.”

• The DSA supports a “massive redistribution of income from corporations and the wealthy to wage earners and the poor and the public sector to provide the main source of new funds for social programs, income maintenance, and infrastructure rehabilitation.”

• The DSA supports a “massive shift of public resources from the military . . . to civilian uses.”

Hmmm...sounds similar to the CPC's new proposal. Coincidental? Do leftist Democrats in Congress really have anything to do with the DSA at all? We'll let the DSA answer:

In one document, the DSA urges its “youth section” to “stress our Democratic Party strategy and electoral work. . . . The Democratic Party is something the public understands, and association with it takes the edge off. Stressing our Democratic Party work will establish some distance from the radical subculture and help integrate you to the milieu of the young liberals.”

But deep in a document called “Where We Stand: The Political Perspective of the Democratic Socialists of America,” the group states its goals more baldly: “Many socialists have seen the Democratic Party, since at least the New Deal, as the key political arena in which to consolidate this coalition, because the Democratic Party held the allegiance of our natural allies. Through control of the government by the Democratic Party coalition, led by anti-corporate forces, a progressive program regulating the corporations, redistributing income . . . and expanding social programs could be realized.”

Think about it: American taxpayers are paying the salaries of 62 Democratic members of Congress so that they can implement a subversive socialist agenda. Here's the really good news: Progressive Caucus cofounder Bernie Sanders is running for Senate. If he wins, we'll all be the beneficiaries of bicameral socialism.


Campbell case: It's up to the jury

The jury now has the case in the Bill Campbell corruption trial in Atlanta. As expected, the defense played the race card in its closing argument:
Prosecutors said Campbell indulged in high-stakes gambling and extravagant extramarital affairs, whereas defense lawyers portrayed him as an honorable family man and civil rights hero who had been unfairly targeted by the federal government. ...

Martin reminded jurors that Andrew Young, a civil rights leader and former mayor of Atlanta, recalled from the stand how Campbell was the first black child to integrate public schools in Raleigh, N.C.
"Some people might say, 'Come on! We're going back there?' " Martin said. "Yes, we're going back there. That's where Bill Campbell started before the FBI and the IRS came in."
He suggested that the title of the 2003 movie "Kill Bill" aptly described the government's prosecution of Campbell.
"They stooped so low," Martin said. "They hope they can make you so mad at Bill Campbell that you lose sight of justice."

Right. At least 10 people have been convicted or pleaded guilty in the schemes of which Campbell is accused, in an investigation that began during the Clinton administration, and yet all of this is just part of The Man trying to "Kill Bill."

I have predicted from the start that no Atlanta jury would ever convict the Democratic mayor of jaywalking. "Guilty as hell, free as a bird." But as George Will says, the best thing about being a pessimist is that you're never disappointed and even when you're wrong, it's a pleasant surprise.

Previous DONKEY CONS commentary on the Campbell trial is here.


Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Former intern, making trouble

Monique Stuart, whom I worked with when she interned at The Washington Times, is featured in a story today in the OP (Other Paper) about conservative students fighting "The Vagina Monologues" on campus:

During winter break of her senior year, she retyped "The Vagina Monologues," replacing every use of the word "vagina" with "penis," and called the result "The Penis Monologues."
"When you call it 'The Penis Monologues,' that's ridiculous. It's ridiculous on the other side as well," she says.
Stuart held a reading of her rewrite last spring and invited Hoff Sommers to campus for a lecture. To promote it, a friend of Stuart's dressed in a six-foot phallus costume and distributed fliers.

LOL! I can't claim credit for inspiring this bit of genius. But I do remember advising another College Republican that the "affirmative action bake sale" was getting a bit old: "How about an Endangered Species Barbecue?"

As I explained elsewhere, it was Ann Coulter who converted Monique to the conservative cause:

But if you will watch the video of Ann's appearance at CPAC, you will see her introduced by a young woman named Monique Stuart. And you will hear Monique explain that she was a liberal Democrat until the day she saw her college professor (attempt to) debate Miss Coulter: She demolished his arguments with ease, style and humor. She's done the same thing on campus after campus.

That's one reason I stoutly defended Coulter during her CPAC imbroglio. Coulter is funny. Monique is funny. And funny is ... well, it's funny. People like funny. Stop being so serious and have a little fun. It drives the liberals nuts to see conservatives having fun.


P.S.: Interns in Washington these days have to put up with lots of rude jokes from friends and family. I think we know who to blame for that, don't we?

Open season on Hillary

The market for anti-Hillary books is getting a bit crowded.

DONKEY CONS has plenty of stuff about Mrs. Clinton, but it's not about one person or one era or one scandal. It goes from Aaron Burr to Abramoff, 288 pages with more than 30 pages of end notes. We needed two full pages of the index just to list the members of Congress named in the text.

Two strong temptations must be resisted when writing a book about Democratic Party corruption: (a) Clinton Obsession Syndrome, and (b) Media Bias Syndrome. There were times during the writing of DONKEY CONS I would get upset at the blatant pro-Democrat biases of the media. I'd have to stop myself and say, "Wait! Bernie Golberg already wrote that book!"

Some Republicans have gotten obsessed with Hillary just the same as they got obsessed with George Soros in 2004 (or Vince Foster in 1993). The "bash Hillary" theme is going to be stale by the time 2008 arrives.


Back in 2004, a lot of Republicans were having fits about news reports that George Soros and friends were dumping millions of dollars into I was asked to write an article about MoveOn for Ripon Forum, a moderate/liberal GOP journal. Unfortunately, that article is no longer available online, but what I discovered in my research was basically this: MoveOn has never won anything.

They failed to prevent Clinton's impeachment, failed to help Dems take back Congress in 1998, failed to elect Al Gore, failed to help Gore win the Florida recount -- failed, failed, failed. By the time 2004 rolled around, MoveOn's presence in any political controversy was a certain bellwether of failure: Whatever side MoveOn is on, the other side wins.

Now, witness the most recent waste of resources by MoveOn, their quixotic campaign against Rep. Henry Cuellar in the Texas Democratic primary. On Feb. 14, Tom Matzzie of MoveOn PAC sent out an e-mail asking, "Should we take on right-wing Democrats?"

The story about "the Democrat who sold out" has become too familiar. Too often progressives tip toe around these betrayals. But there needs to be real consequences for these Democrats. Replacing a right-wing Democrat with a more progressive Democrat will help voters more clearly understand what Democrats stand for — and that will help Democrats win.

The e-mail included a link to a poll site, but it seems pretty obvious that this was a bogus plebescite, like those old 99% votes to re-elect Saddam. The MoveOn moonbats wanted to take on "right-wing Democrats," and were just going through the motions of being democratic. And they already had their target picked out. Two days later, Matzzie sent out another e-mail:

Earlier this week 84% of us agreed we should challenge some right-wing incumbent Democrats in primary elections. Now, we're announcing our first MoveOn-member endorsement in a primary.
Ciro Rodriguez is running for Congress in the 28th District in Texas. Rodriguez opposed the war in Iraq and has championed health care, education and veteran benefits. In the words of Marta from San Antonio, "Rodriguez is a true Democrat and would stand up to the Bush administration in Washington."
But Rodriguez is up against an incumbent—Henry Cuellar—who consistently voted against Democrats on important issues and literally campaigned for Bush in 2000. With a sprint to the March 7th finish we can put Rodriguez over the top with our support. Can you contribute whatever you can afford?
The e-mail then provide a click-to-contribute link but, instead of being directed to Rodriguez's campaign, the link led to MoveOn PAC's own site. The message to left-wingers, in other words, was: To elect Rodriguez, don't give money to Rodriguez, give it to us! I'm sure that message was helpful to Rodriguez's campaign staff.

And, with MoveOn's help, Rodriguez lost by about 5,000 votes in Tuesday's Democratic primary. And so, MoveOn maintains its perfect .000 batting average. All they do is take money from liberals and waste it on hopeless left-wing causes -- it's like a tax on stupidity.

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, based on a Feb. 13 report, MoveOn PAC has spent $9.3 million for the 2006 election cycle. Of that enormous sum, MoveOn PAC had donated exactly $1,675 to congressional Democrats. In fact, all $1,675 of this left-wing group's 2006 campaign contributions went to exactly ONE Democrat:

Sen. Robert Byrd (D-KKK).

You can't make this stuff up. And something else: MoveOn has bamboozled the media for years by claiming to have so many millions of "members." That's a lie. What MoveOn has is millions of e-mail addresses.

Give them your e-mail address and you, too, can keep informed on their latest loser activities!


P.S.: And be sure to check out our new book, DONKEY CONS.

Headline Update

Today's HEADLINE UPDATE(TM) brought to you by Tonto, Tarzan and Frankestein:

  • Rep. Marsha Blackburn: Republican. Scandal: bad.
  • Suggestion to Conyers' staff: Disable comments.
  • Schlussel: Movie sucks.
  • Casey campaigns, PA pays.
  • Vilmar: Crunchy fascism?
  • You guys buy book! (Or at least read blog.)
  • Riehl World: Polls, schmolls!
  • Texas primary results. DeLay. Bell. Cuellar.
  • Cambell trial: Ends today.
  • Malkin: Isolated incident.
    • And remember: Fire bad!

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      Tuesday, March 07, 2006

      Welcome WORLD blog readers!

      Wow! Lynn finally gives us a "hat tip" on the blog (for this post about Rep. John Conyers), and suddenly Amazon sales of DONKEY CONS take off like a rocket -- from #70,000 to #3,000 in a matter of hours. God bless you all! I thank you, my wife thanks you, our six kids thank you!

      First things first: Click here to read about our "Annoy a Liberal" 2-for-1 special. (Buy 2 copies, get free Super Saver shipping from Amazon, and give a copy of the book to that pesky liberal at your office. SWEET!)

      Lynn and I just got our first hardcover copies of DONKEY CONS, so it should be shipping soon from Amazon. Excuse the modesty, but ... it's awesome! And I'm not the only one who thinks so:

      "Relentless and stunning ..."
      -- Thomas E. Woods, Jr.

      "An irresistible book ..."
      -- David Horowitz

      "Fabulous! This can't-put-down book reads like a suspense-filled mystery novel."
      -- Debbie Schlussel

      "Vividly written and witty."
      -- Peter Brimelow
      author of "Alien Nation"

      -- McCAIN

      John Conyers' Nanny State

      Michigan Democrat John Conyers is in favor of federally-funded daycare programs, and apparently used his congressional staffers in a personal pilot program:

      Three former aides to U.S. Rep. John Conyers say the longtime Detroit congressman made them act as personal gofers and valets while they were supposed to be working in his Detroit-area offices.

      Conyers ordered them to act as personal servants, tutoring and babysitting his two sons, helping his wife with a law class, and chauffeuring him to political and private events and picking up tabs at restaurants and motels, they said in interviews Wednesday and in complaints filed with the House Ethics Committee that were released this week.

      The former Conyers employees who made the complaints are Deanna Maher, who was chief of staff of Conyers' Downriver office in Southgate until May 31; Sydney Rooks, who was Conyers' legal counsel from 1997 to 2000; and Dean Christian Thornton, a legislative aide who was fired in January. ...

      Conyers in 1998 summoned Maher to his house on 7 Mile in Detroit and ordered her to live there while his wife, Monica Conyers, attended law classes in Oklahoma, she told the Free Press. For six weeks, Maher said, she was a resident in the Conyers home taking care of Conyers' two young sons while their mother was away.

      Wow. Got to be hard to blame this on the "vast right-wing conspiracy," when the ex-aides are all loyal partisan Democrats. The Hill reports more:

      In 2003, the Detroit Free Press reported about the allegations that Conyers repeatedly violated House rules by forcing staffers to work on campaigns without taking leave.
      Among Maher’s allegations:
      • In 2002, Conyers’s aides in D.C. were sent to Detroit to help his wife, Monica, win a state Senate seat. While she lost that election, she won a seat last year on the Detroit City Council.
      • On June 2, 2003, Conyers forced Maher to spend a day campaigning for Keith Williams, who won a seat on the Wayne County Commission. ...

      Carol Patton, a legislative counsel on Conyers’s personal staff, was hired in 2003 to help Williams and to help JoAnn Watson in her bid for Detroit City Council. Patton still works for Conyers and earns more than $44,000 per year, according to the 2005 House statement of disbursements. ...

      Maher and Rooks said that Conyers tasked staffers in his district office with taking care of his two young boys, John and Carl.
      “If he asked you to do something, you knew you had to do it,” said Rooks, 54, who administers a homeless shelter in Detroit.
      She told The Hill that she tutored “Little John,” as Conyers’s elder son is known, when he was a student at the Cranbrook School, a private school in Bloomfield Hills. The tutoring took place during normal working hours, and she was not given additional compensation for the work, nor was she reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses.
      Rooks said when the son received low grades, Conyers told her, “‘Well, Rooks, you can add tutoring to your list of stuff to do.’”
      She added that a staffer would pick the son up from school, take him to the office, fix him a snack and help him with his homework.

      Whoa! Wait a minute! Cranbrook Academy? Tuition (grades 1-5) is $17,880 a year! And, what is the official position of Rep. Conyers (D-Hypocrisy) on school vouchers?

      "It is vital for parents, educators, and community leaders to join together to strengthen Detroit's public schools. ... schemes like vouchers ... will only harm our public schools. ...

      "The Republican Leadership in House of Representatives has consistently shown itself to be out of touch of with the American people's concern for public education. Just last week, the House of Representatives rejected an amendment offered by the Majority Leader, Dick Armey, which would have allowed Title I money for disadvantaged students to be used for vouchers for private schools. I am glad that fifty-two of my Republican colleagues chose to vote against their leadership, vote down this voucher scheme, and vote in favor of our nation's public schools."

      So while Conyers fights to prevent Republicans from giving his poor constituents in Detroit an opportunity to get their children out of some of the worst public schools in America, he uses his congressional aides -- whose salaries are paid by taxpayers -- to tutor his children, whom he sends to an exclusive private school in Bloomfield Hills (ZIP 48304) where the population is 87% white, 4% black and the median household income is over $100,000 a year.

      This is typical of Democrats, whose class-warfare rhetoric is intended to hide the fact that Democratic Party leaders (a) are very wealthy and (b) consistently do the bidding of their big-dollar donors. We've got an entire chapter in DONKEY CONS demonstrating that Democrats are the real "party of the rich."

      -- McCAIN

      Democrat voters, pulse optional

      Michigan Democrats are so loyal to their party, the Detroit News reports, that not even death can stop them from voting:
      Fred Douglas Henley would have been 75 years old when the city of Detroit says he walked into a polling precinct and voted on Nov. 8. Henley, however, died the day before the election, and his voting address long has been vacant and boarded up.
      Blanche Credit died in 2003. But she's recorded as voting in November, too.
      Then there's Michael Hollingsworth, whom the Detroit Department of Elections says voted at his precinct despite serving a life sentence for first-degree murder. ...

      Detroit's election records are so plagued with mistakes and inconsistencies -- including voter registry rolls packed with as many as 20,000 dead people and roughly 100,000 wrong addresses -- that the overall integrity of Detroit elections is in question.

      Hat tip: Blue State Conservatives.

      Hmmm. Detroit is just about 100% Democratic, and carries 20,000 dead people on its voter rolls. Wonder why it's so tough for the GOP to win statewide elections in Michigan.

      It's always been this way. As we explain in DONKEY CONS, many historians have concluded that John F. Kennedy stole the 1960 election with vote fraud in Chicago and Texas.

      Democrats fiercely oppose any effort at real election reform, because they know full well that in many states, their only hope of winning lies on vote fraud in cities like Detroit. A former Democratic congressman explained to John Fund why Democrats are so willing to steal elections: "When many Republicans lose an election, they go back into what they call the private sector. When many Democrats lose an election, they lose power and money. They need to eat, and people will do an awful lot in order to eat."

      Corrupt voter registration rolls -- packed with the names of people, living or dead, who don't vote -- are the key to vote fraud. The names of these "ghost" voters are available to be cast illegitimately by corrupt election officials, and can be used to decide the outcome of any election that's reasonably close.

      Democrats have never hesitated to resort to vote fraud. Thomas Jefferson was elected president in 1800 with the aid of vote fraud in New York engineered by Aaron Burr, and stealing elections was developed to a high art by Tammany Hall. Describing the election of Democrat Fernando Wood as mayor of New York in 1854, historian Gustavus Myers explained where Wood got his votes:
      The disreputable classes, believing that his success meant increased prosperity to themselves, energetically supported Wood, and the liquor-dealers formally commended him. In the city at this time were about 10,000 shiftless, unprincipled persons who lived by their wits and the labor of others. The trade of a part of these was turning primary elections, packing nominating conventions, repeating [i.e., they voted multiple times] and breaking up meetings. Most of these were Wood’s active allies.

      Then, in 1856, it was even worse:
      On election day the scum of the town shouted, repeated and bruised for Wood. Candidates were traded openly, and bribing was unconcealed.
      The majority of the policemen were off on furlough, given by the Mayor as head of the Police Department, assisting actively for his reelection. At the polling places, so terrific was the competition for the millions of city plunder, that the Wood and anti-Wood men fought savagely. ... [T]he day was enlivened with assaults, riots and stabbings. ...

      The Republicans maintained that 10,000 fraudulent Democratic votes were cast in New York City and Brooklyn.

      Corruption is bred deeply into the bones of the Democratic Party -- part of that donkey DNA -- and thus it is not surprising to learn that the dead vote in a Democratic stronghold like Detroit.

      -- McCAIN

      Monday, March 06, 2006

      Indicted Dem launches campaign (Alabama)

      OK, you're a former Democratic governor who's two months away from trial on federal corruption charges. What do you do? Kick off your election campaign:

      Former Gov. Don Siegelman, who's been campaigning for governor for months, held a non-traditional kickoff Sunday where he portrayed himself as a fighter who won't give up on the dream of a state lottery and won't be knocked out by government corruption charges.
      "Folks, I'm not going to ever stop fighting for my family, and I'm not going to stop fighting for Alabama," Siegelman said to enthusiastic applause. ....
      About 200 supporters attended the kickoff ....
      This, Siegelman's fourth race for governor, is different from his others because he's under indictment on racketeering and bribery charges stemming from his last administration and he's scheduled for trial May 1. Siegelman is hoping to complete the trial before he faces Lt. Gov. Lucy Baxley and three other candidates in the Democratic primary on June 6.

      Forget about the corruption. This guy's nuts. I mean, suppose he can get through the trial before the primary and somehow gets acquitted. What's his slogan? "Vote for Don: He Beat the Rap"? OK, these are Alabama Democrat voters, but still ....

      Meanwhile, the latest poll in Alabama shows Siegelman would lose to either incumbent Gov. Bob Riley, a ridiculous RINO who tried to raise taxes, or former state Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore, aka the Ten Commandments Judge. Riley also comfortably beats Democratic Lt. Gov. Baxley.

      Previous DONKEY CONS coverage of Siegelman HERE.

      -- McCAIN

      Linked at Riehl World View -- and WOW -- Dan sure brings the hits, so he's definitely going on the blogroll.

      Wisconsin Dem hurt by corruption probe

      Congressional Quarterly reports:

      Insiders from both parties consider Wisconsin Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle vulnerable this year in his bid for a second term.
      He will face the winner of a Sept. 12 primary between two solid Republican contenders, 8th District Rep. Mark Green and Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker. He must play down ethics controversies that have clouded his administration. ...

      The Doyle administration’s ethics problems, though, almost certainly will deprive the incumbent the luxury of an easy race. His administration has become the target of federal, state and local investigations into “pay-to-play” allegations surrounding a state travel contract and approval for the sale of a nuclear power plant in Kiewani, near Green Bay.
      Mike McCabe, director of the watchdog Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, said investigators were looking into a suspicious pattern of campaign contributions from utilities in a position to profit from the sale of the plant.
      Five top state legislators, including Wisconsin’s former Senate and Assembly majority leaders, were convicted in a corruption investigation that began in 2001, while members of Doyle’s administration have faced allegations in the corruption probes.
      “Jim Doyle didn’t invent these practices but he’s perpetuating these practices and he now is getting caught up in an environment where there’s just a whole lot more scrutiny . . . because we’re seeing lawmakers go to jail,” McCabe said.
      The scandals have shaken Wisconsin’s reputation as a “clean government” state, and both Walker and Green hope they can capitalize on these issues to appeal to voters’ sense of propriety.

      Yes, and it doesn't help an ethics-challenged Dem like Doyle when Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are making a big issue of the "culture of corruption."

      Previous DONKEY CONS coverage of Doyle's problems HERE, and more Wisconsin corruption reporting HERE.

      -- McCAIN

      Sunday, March 05, 2006

      The Reconquista of Mexifornia

      The San Francisco Chronicle notices a trend: Americans are leaving California. (Hat tip: California Conservative) Of course, the Chronicle's ideological blinders prevent them from understanding why this is.

      In 2003, I had the opportunity to interview Victor Davis Hanson, author of Mexifornia, who pointed out the basic problem:
      "You just can't pay any longer for people to just come across the border to use health care facilities, education facilities, law enforcement, social services. People understand it's just an outlay that's no longer sustainable." ...
      "I'm not bashing immigrants, but the taxpayers of California cannot continue to fund entitlements at the present level, because the state's broke," he says, likening the issue to "the 800-pound gorilla in the living room that no one wants to talk about."

      Saying stuff like that can get you smeared as a "racist".

      Since Lynn lives in San Diego, I'll ask her to add her own two cents. Lynn's helping me learn Spanish. So far, I've got this much: Uno mas cerveza, por favor.

      -- McCAIN