Sunday, March 26, 2006

Exclusive! Domenech plagiarism

I had learned from Media Matters that Ben Domenech was a book editor at Regnery Publishing. Of course, Regnery has been a pioneer in conservative publishing, and I was troubled to learn that one of their editors had been accused of plagiarism.

I decided to research this further, so I went over to Regnery's online catalog. I knew that Domenech had edited Michelle Malkin's UNHINGED, but I had to wonder what other books he might have been involved with.

Then I checked out the list of books they are planning to publish in coming months and ...

Boy, am I mad now:

Orgies, Felonies and Graft in the Democratic Party

By Ben Domenech

Unabashed kickbacks. Fornication. Thoroughgoing criminality.
"The Democratic Party is like the Luchese mob, but with federal matching funds."
In this bawdy, dizzying look at the High Crimes and Misdemeanors of today's most notorious liberals, journalists Lynn Vincent and Robert Stacy McCain famous blogger Ben Domenech chronicles for the first time the rampant felonies, fornication, and foul play of the Democratic Party.