Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Our first review!

Unexpectedly, Alpaca Burger Forum went live Tuesday with the first full-length online review of DONKEY CONS:

If anyone dear to you still believes the Democratic Party is, among American political institutions, the standard-bearer of decency, integrity and Christian charity, do not give them a copy of Donkey Cons, the new historical work by Lynn Vincent and Robert Stacy McCain.
It might be too jarring.
First, give your friend or family member a fifth of decent scotch. Share a nip or two to establish conviviality and soften the defenses. THEN bring out the copy of
Donkey Cons. If you can get them through the first two chapters, you will likely have performed a successful intervention.

LOL! The mental image it delightful; drinking scotch might turn your friend into an alcoholic, but if it cures him from voting Democrat ...

Donkey Cons traces the history of the Democratic Party from its ignominious origins. .. to the present day. Witty, narrated in a lively style and meticulously footnoted, this important chronicle should be sine qua non on every political reference shelf. ...

Donkey Cons provides a litany of facts and events proving once and for all there really is a Party of Weasels here in the US of A.

It's a rollicking ride over a broad historical landscape, detailing the many criminal beneficiaries of Democratic indulgence. ...

A sampling of the historical vignettes includes: Alcee Hastings, Corrine Brown, Barney Frank, Jim Moran, Bobby Rush, Wayne Hays, Charles Diggs Jr., Tony Coelho, Jim Traficant, Robert Torricelli, John Murtha, Alan Cranston, John Glenn, Marion Barry, a certain very recent former president and his wife and of course, Ted Kennedy.
That last fellow, in case you are not familiar with the particulars, is undoubtedly the most egregious, ironic stain on modern American politics. If you don't know the specifics of what happened at Chappaquiddick, you are in for a very big surprise. Old news can still be big news. ...

This review -- go read the whole thing, it's awesome -- was totally a surprise. Apparently the folks at Alpaca Burger Forum didn't receive the latest update (V6.66) of the secret decoder ring from the Vast Right-Wing ConspiracyTM, so when we sent out the coded message about the book publishing on Tuesday .... well, we'll discuss that at the next meeting, over our tax-deductible beers. (See you there, Karl. Tell Dick to leave the shotgun at home, OK?)

The great thing about the Alpaca Burger review: He quotes extensively from the book. Thank you, St. John! The quotations he chooses help illustrate why DONKEY CONS (buy TWO!) is different: It's not just a laundry list of scandals. It's not about one person or one scandal. It's not another rant against the evils of liberalism. It's a carefully-documented chronicle of a party and a pattern. From the "dangerous man" who appears on Page 1 to the "nuns on the run" of Chapter 11, the reader will begin to recognize a number of disturbingly familiar patterns. ("Old news!")

Something else: We don't always connect every dot. We figure the educated reader is smart enough to see the connections for himself -- but sometimes we do connect the dots, just in case Democrats don't get the point. And we promise you, no matter how much you think you know about American politics and history, you will find yourself at some point during your reading of DONKEY CONS saying to yourself: "I never realized ...." Younger readers are especially sure to discover things their history professors never taught them.

Thanks for the tasty Alpaca Burgers! (St. John, we had you on the blogroll, but that link got lost during the re-design and I promise to restore it.)

Now that St. John's blown the schedule of our carefully-coordinated viral-marketing strategy, I guess the other members of the VRWC Blog Corps can fire at will. If you've got the book, blog your review now and get the hits while the getting's good. Major reviews will be going online next week when the air assault begins (Jimbo! Can't wait, man -- long-time listener here! Rick and Bubba: Don't make us come down there and whup on you boys), so the early recipients should unleash the blogospheric barrage NOW.

D-5 NOTICE to TEAM DONKEY CONS: Check your secret decoder rings. D-DAY 040406. The cheese is blue. Repeat: The cheese is blue. Await further orders. Over.


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