Sunday, March 26, 2006

What the Left does on Sunday

UNHINGED! Because of a previous (humorous) post mentioning that Ben Domenech, who's accused of plagiarism, was editor of Michelle Malkin's UNHINGED, when I checked Site Meter today, I found I was getting hits from people searching Technorati for the terms UNHINGED and PLAGIARISM. (This phenomenon was also noticed by VFM.)

In case any blogger is ever tempted to envy Michelle, just think how much HATE is behind such furious searching by the Left.

And Michelle: I still owe you a lunch. God bless you.


DONKEY CONS: About the book

UPDATE: OK, now Dan Riehl has noticed the same Technorati "Unhinged" trend, and comments: "I wouldn't be at all surprised to learn that the Left has decided to see if they can apply a newly learned tactic to attack a spokesperson for the Right. While I am not at all suggesting they'll be successful, it seems some on the Left may be determined to try and turn being Domeneched into a phrase after all."

Meanwhile, Debbie Schlussel points to other accused plagiarists on the right -- including one she says plagiarized her work.

Site Meter is a fascinating tool. I've discovered that this blog gets a few hits a day from people Googling for "donkey sex." Plagiarize THAT!