Monday, April 03, 2006

Another rave review

George Roberts of the Michigan Conservative reviews DONKEY CONS at Red State:

While no book could encyclopedically catalog all of the corruption in the Democrat party, consider this book a rough guide. More than a litany of Democratic misdeeds, Donkey Cons demonstrates the shocking disregard for the rule of law by generations of Democrats. Vincent and McCain's insightful analysis of Democratic corruption and the enabling role played by the media paints a disturbing picture. At times ridiculing but never becoming a rant, liberal readers will be gratified to see the authors are unafraid to tackle corruption in the Republican party as well.
Of particular interest to me as a Metro Detroiter, was the chapter devoted to the Democrat-enabled decline of our nation's cities -- no city was hit so hard by rioting and corruption. No intelligent individual who lived through Mayor Coleman Young's administration could question his basic incompetence and corruption.
His lowering of standards in police recruitment, openly racist rhetoric, eviction of whites by threats, harassment and eminent domain and corruption in awarding city contracts to cronies and companies with "preferred racial demographics" have had a devastating effect on Detroit, multiplying the effects of the '67 riots. All this is true, and yet the authors were too easy on hizzoner, apparently the editors did not allow them enough space to remind readers of his habit of swearing during TV interviews or the degree to which he looted the Mayoral mansion when he left office.
Ha! George, we didn't even know about Young's Clintoneseque exit. But thanks for highlighting Chapter 8, "Scene of the Crime," which illustrates how Democrats' corruption and wrong-headed policies hurt their strongest supporters, the very people they claim to help: the urban poor. And that chapter will indeed be of interest to Detroit-area readers, since it was the "textbook case" for how to destroy a city. Here's more from George's review:

The book went to press just before Abramoff was convicted, however the book does offer a fair and reasonable breakdown of the party affiliations of the members of congress who were potentially tainted by receipt of Abramoff money (more Democrats on this list than you might expect). Sadly, among them is Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, who adamantly refuses to give back the tainted “dough” despite the fact that others on both sides of the aisle have already done so. ...

Incredibly well researched and footnoted - Cogent and Forceful.
Go read the whole thing.

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