Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Blogger for Congress?

Small, small world, with only two degrees of separation from the Kevin Bacon of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy:

Robert Stacy McCain ...

Stephanie Ramage ...

Will Hinton for U.S. Congress
I am tired of my representative being the butt of jokes throughout the nation. I, along with many people in the 4th District of Georgia, am fed up with having ineffective representation in Congress. I also wrote that I would be willing to challenge McKinney unless a better candidate ran against her. Well, this was not a joke either. ...

I have had an outpouring of support and encouragement to run against McKinney. Over 15,000 people visited my blog last week and within the first 48 hours I had emails from numerous people committing thousands of dollars for me to run. I was pleased to see that a majority of the emails pledging support were from voters in the 4th District. And this support seems to know no political boundaries. Support has come from liberals and conservatives, Republicans and Democrats. ...
If you would like to volunteer to help me defeat Cynthia McKinney, please email me at ...
OK, as announced here Monday, I have recently stopped hatin' on McKinney. But McKinney and I go way back, and if she's going to get beat, why not Will Hinton? As Bluto might say, "Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?"

My chief problem with Will is, he's been hatin' on Ann Coulter, too. But I'll turn the other cheek and let bygones be bygones. I'm officially neutral, but bookmark Donkey Cons for the latest, since I been hatin' on Cynthia before you guys ever heard of her.

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P.S.: I can't wait until Billy McKinney finds out about Will's campaign: "I blame the Jews! The Jews put that boy up to it!"

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UPDATE: Richard Pearcey is also on this story.


Dang it, y'all! Just as soon as I decide to go all Ned Flanders on Cynthia, the hatin' starts to get good. Dear Brothers, I won't be throwing any stones at Sister Cynthia, but if y'all want to get all judgmental ... well, ain't no sin to enjoy the show, I guess. Just remember: I was first to hate on her, and first to stop the hate. (Forgive me, for I have blogged.)

Now, on with the hatin' ...

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You see the moral of this story, brothers and sisters? Here I am, a world famous hater, the Georgia boy who practically invented hatin' on Cynthia, I predicted her meltdown 6 weeks before it happened, and now that everybody's joined the Hate Cynthia Club ... I ain't gettin' no links, no interviews, no love.