Friday, April 28, 2006


The miracle of the Internet has not only improved humanity's power to research and communicate, it's also given birth to new forms of Democratic chicanery. Alert Donkey Cons blogger Clicktodoorstep sent us the lowdown on an innovative campaign technique patented by one Morton Brilliant, reported today in the Seattle Times:
Morton Brilliant, Gov. Christine Gregoire's former campaign spokesman, resigned this week from his latest campaign job amid allegations that he changed an online Wikipedia biography of an opponent in Georgia's gubernatorial race.

An Internet address registered to Brilliant was also used to make changes last year to an online biography of Republican Dino Rossi, Gregoire's opponent in 2004. The address also was used to edit the biography of South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, another Republican Brilliant has campaigned against.

In each case, the alterations added links to newspaper stories that revealed negative or embarrassing information about the politicians
Now, of course, the technique has backfired resulting in negative and embarrassing stories about Mr. Brilliant:
Mr. Brilliant, who is from South Carolina, had been working for more than a year as the campaign manager for Georgia Secretary of State Cathy Cox, a Democrat who is running for governor.

Early this week, the campaign for Lt. Gov. Mark Taylor, Cox's opponent in the Democratic primary, revealed that a Cox campaign Internet address registered to Brilliant was used last fall to alter the Wikipedia profiles of Brilliant's past and present political foes.

The changes to Taylor's biography added information about his son's drunken-driving arrest. Taylor's son was charged last year after an accident that left his best friend dead
Alas, it turns out that Mr. Brilliant may be not only decidely un-brilliant, but also a heartless creep.


From McCAIN: Talk about media bias! The Seattle Times article fails to mention that the King County Democrats stole the election for Gregoire. She should always be referred to as Her Fraudulency, the Faux Governor. If Maria Cantwell gets beat in November, one reason will be voters' lingering resentment of the grand theft committed by the Gregoire Gang in 2004.

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