Sunday, April 02, 2006

Donkey Cons blog news

1. Updated the blogroll to add back a couple links that got dropped during the re-design: Politicker and Opinion Journal. Also added Violence Worker -- the kind of sarcastic attitude this country needs more off. Also, as will be explained, we're about to incur some debts to the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, so we had to add the Federalist Society and Southern Appeal.

2. Introducing our new guest blogger, Bert. Since the Bush administration has taken office and purged the left-wingers at the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, our friend Bert has gotten rid of his commie sidekick Ernie and gone solo. Bert is a card-carrying member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy and an old friend from back in the day. With DONKEY CONS official publication date on Tuesday, April 4 (buy TWO!), Lynn and I will be busy boosting the ratings of various talk shows and spreading the word through live personal appearances for the next couple of weeks, so we're counting on our friend Bert to keep the blog going. We've given him instructional memos ("How to Google for News About Corrupt Democrats" and "Tonto, Tarzan and Frankenstein: Translation Guide") and will be keeping him filled-in via e-mail. So keep an eye out for Bert's spectacular law-school-trained blogging in the next few days.

3. Looking for news on Cynthia McKinney? We loathed her 15 years before you loathers-come-lately, and predicted her meltdown 6 weeks ago.

4. Looking for "donkey sex"? Site Meter records the fact that we get hits every day from people searching for donkey sex (also Anna Nichole Smith). Donkey sex seems to be popular in the Arab world, too. The publisher came up with the title, and I'm beginning to think those guys are marketing geniuses. Well, goes to show what advertising guys have said for years: Sex sells ... especially with donkeys and Anna Nicole Smith.


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