Thursday, April 20, 2006

El Doctor Loco Burro

Transparent political pandering, anyone? Wednesday, Howard Dean decided to scream about immigration:
Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean yesterday called border security his party's top immigration priority for November.
"The first thing we want is tough border control," he said. "We have to do a much better job on our borders than George Bush has done. And then we can go to the policy disagreements about how to get it done." ...

Mr. Dean said his party will make immigration an issue as part of its strategy to "nationalize" the fall elections and is opening a television advertising campaign -- beginning with Spanish-language pitches on radio stations in three Southwestern states -- that puts tougher border enforcement first.
Hmmm. So Howard Dean will be doing a Lou Dobbs imitation en Espanol? I think not. If Democrats were honest -- this is a hypothetical, OK? -- the DNC Spanish-language ads on "border enforcement" would say something like this:
¡Hola, votantes
Democráticos futuros!
Confíenos en.
Somos sus amigos.
Porque no tenemos nada como una agenda que gana para Noviembre, la versión inglesa será llena de mentiras, diciendo a los votantes estúpidos de Yanqui que vamos a hacer algo parar la inmigración ilegal. Si usted entiende bastante inglés para ser ofendido por eso ads Democrático, apenas recuerde: Los Demócratas han estado mintiendo a Yanquis estúpido por más de 200 años. ¡Pero nunca mentiríamos a usted! Confíenos en. Somos sus amigos.
Or something to that effect. Please excuse the Babelfish translation.

¿Uno mas cerveza, por favor, señorita?


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