Monday, April 10, 2006

Hatin' on Hiatt

Not exactly kind words for the Other Paper (OP):

The new Washington Post editorial, an enormous turd that editorial page editor Fred Hiatt no doubt wrote, is such an unmitigated piece of BushCo. propaganda,
such a giant bag of bulls--- it deserves to be taken apart, piece by piece and beaten into the ground.
That's Jane Hamsher, a/k/a Firedoglake (h/t: Sideshow), certainly no fan of mine, going ballistic on the OP for siding with Bush against the pro-Plamers. And then the mob went over to do their little hate thing on the OP's blog.

In other words: the Left goes hatin' on any MSM that questions any basic element of the worldview, and then they wonder why they don't get no love from the OP. Maybe I'm naive about the blogosphere -- I'm just here to pimp the book, greedy capitalist that I am -- but does the Right do this kind of thing so much at the Left?

I mean the whole Internet vandalism thing -- filling up people's comment fields with epithets, mobbing media blogs, trashing Amazon ratings of books you haven't read, slur-filled e-mails -- I just don't get. I don't normally pay attention to the Left bloggers, unless they're linkin' and hatin' me, and I certainly have better things to do with my time than to follow a mob over to go hatin' on somebody else.

I'm wondering if the intimidation factor -- something noted recently by Phyllis Chesler -- exercised by the Left blog mob has something to do with the MSM's slant. I mean, all it took was for Hiatt to state an unarguably obvious fact -- that the president is the nation's chief executive, and thus is fully within his constitutional power to decide what executive branch information is or is not classified -- and suddenly he's a "warmonger" peddling Bush "propaganda"? Maybe the MSM isn't so much sympathetic to the Moonbats as they are scared of them.

But there's no point pandering to them, you see? You can be a lying liberal paper 364 days a year, but if you slip up and tell the truth just once, the Moonbats start hatin' on ya.

At to the point of contention between the haters and Hiatt, it's this simple: Bush won, Gore lost. Bush won, Kerry lost. If Gore or Kerry had won, then they would have the yea or nay over what was classified. And maybe, in some analogous situation, they would choose to declassify information that would embarass their critics. But that's why the president is the Commander-in-Chief, and that's why we have elections.

Look, lefties: Bill Clinton always says that elections are about the future. It would be so nice if Bubba would remind the Democrats of this right about now. Honestly, guys -- I used to be a Democrat and voted for Clinton in 1992. You're so hung up on the "Bush lied" meme that you aren't offering mainstream voters anything for the future except (a) a promised Iraq cut-and-run that destroys American prestige abroad, and (b) an impeachment that would inflame divisions at home. I don't care how much you might actually want the Murtha agenda, it simply will not sell to the suburbanites you've got to reach if you're going to win in November.

For the third conservative election, in other words, the Left is leading the Democrats into a debacle. You can't govern if you don't win the election; if you have no hope of winning, your support will wither; and if you want the Democrats to go the way of the Whigs, just keep on displacing your Bush hatred onto moderates like Lieberman. Once you've driven out every Centrist, then I suppose you'll go to work on the left-center of the party until the Democratic Party is down to nothing but the most diehard members of its progressive caucus.

This, in short, is not a plan for victory.

Everybody in the GOP is worried sick right now because of the various woes of the Bush administration, the Abramoff scandal, etc. This is without any doubt the Democrats' best chance since 1998 of taking back Congress, but the wing seems intent on fumbling it away with their tinfoil-hat behavior -- playing right into

So it's looking like 2002 and 2004 all over again -- the Left so enraged with bitterness as to be incapable of making the kind of campaign that will appeal to swing voters.

The Democrats never listened to me when I was a Democrat, and I don't suppose they're going to start now. But if y'all lefties go to the Yearly Kos convention in Vegas, try to get a few minutes with Mudcat. That guy knows what he's talking about, and if y'all would listen to him, there might be some hope. At least you could make it close this fall and give Americans a good horse-race to watch this fall.


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