Monday, April 24, 2006

Vilmar's Voice

In a rare book review over at Right Wing Howler, uber-blogger Vilmar has this to say about Donkey Cons: Sex, Crime, and Corruption in the Democratic Party:

I very rarely review books as I am not practiced at it. But this one is worth doing.
First off, the premise of the book as I see it: A damning indictment of the corruption of the Democratic Party, going back a couple of hundred years and at the same time, an infuriating glimpse into how they seemingly get away with it and continue to be adored. One need only look at the adoration the left heaps upon the likes of Bill and Hillary Clinton, Ted Kennedy, Robert Byrd, John Kerry, etc.

Suffice it to say I could not stand to read the book for more than a few minutes at once as it pissed me off so much and caused my blood pressure to rise.

This reaction is, of course, clinically appropriate. Conservatives and liberals should be angry about the content of Donkey Cons, packed as it is with documented specifics, the low-down on a party that was built on the kind of ethical rationale Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn once referred to as the "foundations of lawlessness."

Vilmar continues:

The book itself is crammed with facts and events. Dozens and dozens of examples are provided. All meticulously footnoted. Your mouth will stand agape as you read instance after instance of corruption, greed, malfeasance, criminal actions, plots, and con-artist behavior.
The book starts at the birth of our nation and highlighted the antics of the first Democrat, Aaron Burr, runs quickly to the 19th Century and the corruption in the Tammany Hall escapades.

The 20th century is well represented, of course, and the book basically ends at early 2006.
Some critics have come out braying about how the book is so one-sided. Well, DUH!!!! It’s ABOUT Democrats! But the authors don’t shy away from slamming Republicans, too. Only not as many. If someone on the left wants to do something similar and substitute “REPUBLICAN” for “DEMOCRAT”, I’d be willing to give it a read. However, I will not hold my breath as the authors would...struggle at finding the [similar] level and depth of corruption within the Republican Party.

You go, Vilmar. We did, in fact, extend a similar invitation to liberal writers in Chapter One of the book. We can even suggest a title for any such endeavor: Republi-Cons. But those accepting our invitation should remember that Donkey Cons isn't merely a laundry list of scandal; it's about a 200-year pattern of corruption, involving crooked urban machines, alliance with corrupt labor unions, mob control, treason, subversion, immigration hijinx, rank hypocrisy -- as well jumping into bed with felons.

If there's a parallel pattern in the GOP, please uncover it -- but bring your footnotes. We've got more than 650 of em.

Click here to read the rest of Vilmar's review.

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