Monday, May 15, 2006

BUSTED: MSM corruption spin

The incomparable Brent Bozell analyzes how the MSM has been spinning scandals:
You may want to look fast, but the Democratic National Committee's Web site has a "Republican Culture of Corruption" page, implying that by installing the Democrats back in the congressional majority, we'll have a virtual monastery of ethical restraint in Washington -- with leaders like Patrick Kennedy setting the example. The Democrats' "culture of corruption" charge is taking more of a beating than the traffic barricade that introduced itself to Rep. Kennedy's car. ...

NBC's Tim Russert displayed the media's distaste for the story as a forthcoming Republican crusade: "They want to suggest to the country it's not just Republicans who misbehave or the culture of corruption or whatever." ...

But at least the Kennedy story surfaced. Other Democrats' ethics scandals have erupted in this election cycle -- on the front pages of esteemed liberal newspapers, even -- and have been ignored completely by the networks.

Just last week, The Washington Post reported that Vernon Jackson, a business associate of Louisiana Rep. William Jefferson, pled guilty of bribery during the years 2001 to 2005, the second person to plead guilty to charges of bribing the eight-term Democrat. Coverage on ABC, CBS and NBC morning or evening news shows? Zip.

Tell that to Duke Cunningham.

The Washington Post also reported the tale of Alan Mollohan, a congressman from West Virginia who happened to be the ranking Democrat on the House Ethics Committee. After the Post reported a complaint filed by the conservative National Legal and Policy Center -- showing Mollohan suddenly became a real-estate multimillionaire at the same time his financial helpers were getting federal grants he secured -- he temporarily resigned his committee post to fight the charges. Even editorials in the Post and the New York Times insisted he should step down. ABC, CBS and NBC coverage? Nothing.

Tell that to Tom DeLay. ...

Rep. John Conyers, the ranking Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee, whose Web site boasts for the need to investigate and build an impeachment case against President Bush, has faced the allegations of former staffers that he violated House ethics rules by ordering members of his staff to perform nonofficial duties, such as tutoring and baby-sitting his children.

Go read the whole thing. But the media spin goes beyond even what the keen-eyed Mr. Bozell notices:
  • Suppose that someone published a new book showing that the Republican Party had, from its founding, been tainted by corruption.
  • Suppose that the book was carefully documented with over 600 notes.
  • Suppose that this book was so thorough that the index listing of Congress members included more than 130 names.
  • Suppose that, in analyzing congressional corruption, the authors were able to demonstrate from public records that Republicans are three times as prone to corruption as Democrats.
  • And then suppose that this new book were published at the beginning of a campaign season when charges of corruption were front-page headlines.
Don't you think that such a book would be praised to high heaven by the mainstream media? Well ...

As clearly explained -- and carefully documented -- on Page 36 of DONKEY CONS, we counted members of Congress convicted of serious crimes or disciplined for ethics violations over the past 30 years.

The final tally:
Dems 46, GOP 15
That's a 3-to-1 ratio -- and that Republican count includes both Duke Cunningham and Tom DeLay.

The MSM's response to DONKEY CONS? Total silence.


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