Saturday, May 06, 2006

Dems in Dixie: What a Drag!

Quick-thinking GOP operatives spoiled a Democratic message last week. It seems that Republican Gov. Sonny Perdue's campaign was distributing to supporters a cell-phone ringtone with a pro-Sonny message. This Perdue ringtone was made available at his campaign Web site and -- as the AP's Dick Pettys reported -- a Democratic Party blogger who thought this amusing decided to link to the ringtone, telling Ga. Dems, "prepare to laugh."

Well, who's laughing now? When visitors to the Dem blog clicked on the blog link ...
... it takes them not to the Perdue ringtone but to a photo of Democratic Party Chairman Bobby Kahn wearing a dress and bonnet that make him look like Mother Hubbard, while former Gov. Roy Barnes and former Congressman Buddy Darden laugh heartily in the background.
LOL! (H/T: Peach Pundit) Obviously, the Ga. GOP oppo-research team must have spotted the Dem blog traffic to Sonny's site and switched the URL to the Kahn drag photo. (The Dems eventually figured out they'd been scammed, it seems.)

For non-Georgians, I will explain that Roy Barnes was the phenomenally unpopular Democratic governor who finally destroyed the state party in 2002; it was Barnes' toxic reputation that helped sink Sen. Max Cleland that year. Rep. George "Buddy" Darden was the Democra who voted for the 1994 gun-grab, thus enabling the NRA to elect Republican Bob Barr to Congress from the 7th District of Georgia during the "Republican Revolution."

So a photo of Kahn, in drag, yukking it up with Barnes and Darden, is sort of a Rorschach test that was sure to annoy Dems, reminding them of their declining power, which I have commented on here and here previously.


I have to admit that I went to PeachPundit hoping to find some new dirt on Ralph Reed's GOP campaign for lieutenant governor of Georgia. Why are so many people salivating over the prospect of Reed's comeuppance? Why are so many conservative Republicans cheering for Sen. Casey Cagle to stomp Ralph into a pulp?

Oh, so many reasons! Among them, Reed has parlayed his God & GOP Inc. operation into a $4.5 million personal fortune. I've known some Republican activists, both before and since I came to Washington, and have seldom met anyone who trusted Ralph Reed farther than they could throw him. Long, long story.


UPDATE: Thanks for the link from NoVaTownhall. I decided to take down my joking suggestion for a campaign prank on Reed -- a "Girls, Girls, Girls" fundraiser on Piedmont Drive in Atlanta -- which was posted here Saturday night. You see, I had just taken a couple of Ambiens and was on my way to a 2:45 a.m. vote in Congress when I posted that. If there was a Mayo Clinic program to treat sarcasm, they'd have sent me to rehab long ago. But the point is, like Patrick J. Kennedy, I'm a helpless victim and thus can't be blamed for my bad jokes. We now return to our regularly-scheduled Reed-bashing ...

Did you know that Microsoft paid Ralph Reed over $1.5 million? Neither did I. But I do know that Microsoft found Bill Gates is a huge supporter of a global effort to impose contraception and abortion on Third World women. They used to call that "eugenics"; now it's called "women's rights."

Whatever you call it, Gates is pushing the same agenda supported by Ted Turner and others on the left, an agenda steadfastly opposed by all serious pro-life Christians. Maybe someone in Georgia -- the Casey Cagle campaign? -- could ask Ralph to explain to conservative Christians why Reed was pimping for Gates, who's pushing the same agenda as Jane Fonda.

Rick Anderson of Seattle Weekly reports:
In 2004, Microsoft paid Reed a $20,000 monthly retainer while he again campaigned for Bush, playing a major role as the party's Southeast regional campaign coordinator. Exactly what duties he performed for Microsoft haven't been revealed. ...

Microsoft dropped Reed, a notorious opponent of gay-rights laws, about the time the company was also suffering a public-relations meltdown for failing to support a gay-rights bill in Olympia, which was defeated. The company did a U-turn and threw its support to the bill this year, and it passed. It will take effect in June.

Gee, Ralph Reed gets $20,000 a month as a "retainer" for Microsoft. Y'know, there's plenty of folks down in the small towns of Georgia who make about $20,000 a year -- and vote Republican. This here Microsoft thing's gonna be mighty hard to explain to those folks.

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