Sunday, May 14, 2006

Dingy Harry's 'partisan joke'

Others are taking notice of the glaring contradiction we observed Thursday between Harry Reid's crusading against a "culture of corruption" and his protege Dario Herrera's involvement in Strippergate (a/k/a the "G-Sting" scandal).

Richard Abowitz comments:
As mentioned before, once County Commissioner and now convicted of multiple felonies, Dario Herrera was at one time proclaimed the future of Nevada politics. But I forgot to say who was doing the proclaiming: Senator Harry Reid who is currently Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid. In fact, as Nevadans are well aware, Reid handpicked Herrera to run for Congress. Even back then there had been a few ethical incidents that suggested Herrera was probably not the best vessel to place the Congressional hopes of Nevada Democrats.
And "Dingy Harry" gets a spanking in an editorial from Las Vegas Review Journal:
Herrera's appetite for power, extra-marital sex and cash was particularly disgusting.

It would be hard to imagine anyone defending the 32-year-old Herrera, especially his one-time mentor and political guardian, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev. After all, Sen. Reid has barked for months about the need to end the "culture of corruption" that taints politics today. What harsh words would Sen. Reid, who thrust Herrera onto the national stage four years ago by making him a congressional candidate, reserve for a man whom a jury deemed crooked?

"I'm not going to pound on Dario. He's had enough pounding," Sen. Reid said Tuesday. "I think he's young enough when he finishes whatever punishment the court metes out to him that he can still contribute to society." The senator described Herrera as having "great talent" and a "tremendous intellect."

If Nevada's senior senator wanted his rhetoric about GOP corruption taken seriously, he would have rebuked Herrera's behavior as the kind of conduct he and his party will not tolerate.
As the Review-Journal says, Reid's remarks amounted to a "Hallmark card" for Herrera, and the fact that one of Reid's aides used special access to sneak Herrera out of the courthouse looks bad:
How can Sen. Reid be seen as someone capable of cleaning up corruption when a member of his own staff does favors for felons?
The senator's tough talk is a partisan joke. If Sen. Reid can't walk the walk on corruption, he should find a new talking point.
Gee, I wonder who wrote an entire book about Democratic corruption that predicts (on page 15, to be specific) that if the Democrats try to make corruption the main issue in 2006, they'll lose? And did we mention that the same book also chronicles (on pages 169-170) the "Strippergate" scandal's Democratic connections in San Diego?

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