Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Santa Anna's revenge

Remember the Alamo? How about Winfield Scott and Zachary Taylor, and the heroes who fought at Vera Cruz and Chapultepec? Seems to Joseph Beaudoin as if those brave Americans died in vain:
America is slowly committing suicide. Suspending or amending immigration laws to accommodate illegal aliens will hand America’s future over to the Mexican government. If that happens, the southwest and California will become Mexican again. Unless American immigration laws are forcefully enforced, America will become a colony of Mexico. California is already over 25 percent Spanish-speaking. In less than 20 years, Spanish will be the language of California.

It seems Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna will soon have his revenge.
Go read the whole thing.

Oh, and if you're tempted to trust polls to tell you what the American people think about this, don't. Dan Riehl does the math on one poll:
Initially, I had hoped the new USA Today analysis on illegal immigration might offer some insight leading to a political compromise on Immigration Reform. Unfortunately, once you take it apart, it looks more like a scam than good analysis, or journalism ...
No one who's really studied polling methods, even as an amateur, could disagree with Dan on this one. The MSM routinely uses skewed samples and bad questions to get the answers it wants in polls. At least since 1994, I have been highly skeptical of the kind of polling that shows up in the MSM -- most which is just opinion hidden behind a lot of statistical voodoo.

Meanwhile, the Bush administration trembles in fear at the threats of Venezuelan Marxist, Hugo Chavez:
President Bush has been preoccupied with the prospect that his arch-enemy, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, will wreak havoc on U.S. gasoline prices.

Officials said the White House is closely following Mr. Chavez's growing alliance with Iran and Cuba to determine whether the Venezuelan president will seek to disrupt gasoline supplies over the summer. They said the administration has been concerned that Mr. Chavez, who has called Mr. Bush a murderer, could be coordinating with Tehran to rock the American economy over the next few months in a warning to end pressure on Iran's nuclear weapons program.
Go read the whole thing, again. And please explain to me how this "war for oil" thing is supposed to work.