Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Thomas Autry - Semper Fi!

Atlanta police had spent two nights looking for a gang of young criminals who had been robbing pedestrians. Then the criminals made the mistake of attempting to rob Thomas Autry, a 36-year-old Marine Corps veteran:
Atlanta police say around 11 p.m., Thomas Autry -- a former U.S. Marine -- was walking home from work at Jock’s and Jill’s in Midtown. He says that when he got to 4th Street and Penn Avenue, four people jumped out of a Cadillac with guns.

Police say that two of the suspects were armed -- one with a handgun, the other with a shotgun.

Autry told police he kicked the guns out of their hands, and fought back with his own pocket knife, stabbing the girl when she jumped on him and another man who attacked him.

The suspects fled in their car but police found them later at Atlanta Medical Center where the girl was pronounced dead. The man stabbed in the incident was in critical condition, Stephens said.

The remaining suspects were taken into police custody.

“These are the individuals we have been looking for, for the past two nights,” said Atlanta police Detective Danny Stephens. “They’ve were riding around in this area. They were actually robbing people. There’s actually been a lookout for these individuals, and tonight, we caught up with them.”
Heh. Go read the whole thing. And you young fellows, get yourself down to the nearest USMC recruiter's office immediately, so you can have the opportunity to study at the world's most elite institution of higher education, the University of Parris Island:
Stephens credited Autry's military training with helping him fend off the group.

"I would say he had to do what he had to do to stop the threat," Stephens said. "You can tell his training kicked in and he knew what to do."

Autry, 36, suffered a cut to his hand and a bruise on his chest, Stephens said.
Note to clueless MSM types: It is always incorrect to refer to someone as an "ex-Marine" or a "former Marine." Once a Marine, always a Marine.

So hats off to another distinguished alumnus of Parris Island, "Where the Difference Begins."

Semper Fi!


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