Tuesday, May 23, 2006

We have a winner!

As we told you Sunday, Nancy Jayne French -- author of a hilarious book that will be published this fall -- held a drawing Monday to win a free copy of DONKEY CONS.

The competition was fierce, but the winner is ... David Underwood!

When I learned that Mr. Underwood is from Searcy, Ark., I immediately thought of a little college there. This was a mental association from my years as a small-town sportswriter in North Georgia, where some high-school coaches liked to send their athletes to this college in Searcy, which replicated in some way the close-knit small-town atmosphere of a mill town like Calhoun, Ga.

I'd forgotten the name of that college, but some quick Googling disclosed that Mr. Underwood is an official of Harding University. Students of the conservative movement will recall that Searcy was an important base of anti-Communism in the 1950s and '60s, due to the powerful influence of Harding's James D. Bales. It is perhaps a tribute to Dr. Bales that, even when I was growing up as a Democrat, I was always opposed to godless Communism.

Mr. Underwood, then, is doing the Lord's work, and we are proud to add him to our blog roll.

For those of you who didn't win Nancy's contest, here are two great offers:
Remember, folks, DONKEY CONS makes a great gift for graduation or Father's Day.