Sunday, May 21, 2006

Win a FREE COPY of Donkey Cons

Quick! The offer expires Monday night (5-22-06) at Nancy French's blog!

Nancy Jayne, whose husband really is a manly man (ignore those nasty needlepoint rumors), has many good things to say about DONKEY CONS:
This is no dull academic tome. It reads both like a thriller and a horror novel. And before any of you start furiously typing in the comments section that Republicans are just as bad as Dems, just stop right there. The authors literally count the number of Democratic crooks versus GOP ones (footnoted for accuracy's sake). The result? Congressional Democratic crooks outnumber Republican ones three to one.
Go read the whole thing and register for the drawing. But what I don't get is why Nancy Jayne would want to clobber that nice redheaded minister's wife, Carol Cool. Surely Nancy Jayne doesn't instend to accuse Mrs. Cool of being ... a Democrat? (You might have to check with David, but I'm pretty sure that's defamation per se.)

And I'd also like to thank Nancy Jayne for giving me yet another excuse for using the phrase "teen cleavage."

OK, I've just figured out why Nancy wants to clobber Carol Cool. This is Carol commenting at Nancy's blog:
Now don't hate me just because I refuse to be happy that we are cutting more social safety net programs so the very rich (and the oil companies) can have still more money (oh and I think the papers said I would get like $46 from these big tax cuts). Remember, I'm a registered Republican (much to my embarrassment lately). You just may need my vote someday.
Hey, Nancy: Whomp her one for me!

Mrs. Cool, please allow me to tell you a story. A couple of years ago, I was asked to speak on "media and culture" at a major Christian homeschooling conference. During the question-and-answer session at the end of my talk, I was blindsided with a question I hadn't expected: "How has your Christian faith influenced your political beliefs?"

Hmmm. It took me a half-second to answer: "I think it probably has something to do with that part about 'Thou shalt not steal.' "

The Welfare State is theft on a massive scale. Whereas all governments make provision for the common good -- roads, bridges, police, etc. -- the Welfare State is based on the premise that (a) some people have a "right" to income they haven't earned, and (b) everyone else must be forced to pay taxes to provide that income.

This is thievery, pure and simple, but it's much, much worse than common thievery because it masquerades as "compassion," "social justice" and even manages to confuse some well-meaning souls -- apparently you among them, Mrs. Cool -- into thinking that the Welfare State is an agency of Christian charity!

"Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil ..."

-- Isaiah 5:20 KJV

What a soul-destroying ideology you have embraced, Mrs. Cool.

I will agree that it is a great blessing that America is wealthy enough to afford a "social safety net" -- temporary assistance to those who suffer some terrible and unexpected hardship. Fine: Let us do something to help the fellow, laid-off in a plant closing, to tide him over until he can find other employment. Let us make provision for widows and orphans and the victims of fires and flood. A wealthy nation can afford these things, although pardon my cynicism if I wonder why churches and private charities -- or perhaps the relatives of the afflicted -- cannot shoulder the burden without encumbering the government.

But the "safety net" has, in all too many cases, become a hammock, fostering an atttitude of dependency and helplesslenss among recipients of government assistance. If we say to the poor, "You are not capable of dealing with your problems. Here, have some food stamps, and public housing, and Medicaid," do we not thereby destroy the incentive for the poor to strive to overcome their hardship? Doesn't such a program of "cradle-to-grave" assistance encourage sloth and irresponsibility?

And what does this taxpayer-funded "generosity" say to decent and hard-working poor people? "You're a chump! Look at you, toiling long hours for low wages and doing without, while your neighbor does nothing and gets hundreds of dollars worth of assistance every month!"

Mrs. Cool, I know too many people of modest means who could receive public assistance -- but they still have something left of their dignity. So they work two jobs, they work nights and weekends, they do without and they scrimp and save and manage to get by. They may never be rich, but everything they've got, they've earned, and they won't hang their heads. They'd rather die and be buried in their graves before they'd take a dime of welfare.

It is this kind of personal dignity -- the spirit of hard work self-reliance and independence that made American great -- that is destroyed by the Welfare State, Mrs. Cool. And now, having demoralized the poor by such measures, we are now in the process of demoralizing the middle class.

Every teenager who applies for college admission nowadays is automatically directed to fill out a federal student aid form. This is their "entitlement," their share of the Welfare State. Farmers and businessmen seek government loans and subsidies and, perhaps most shameful of all, we no longer consider it our duty to care for our own parents! No, no -- that's the government's job, to send Grandma a check every month and to pay for her health care.

"Honor thy father and thy mother"? No, we don't do that: Americans now honor the eternal Welfare State! Every knee shall bow and every tongue proclaim the almighty mercies of the Federal Government! And anyone who refuses to join in this national idolatry is a heretic, an apostate who must be persecuted and shunned.

"There is a way that seems right to a man ...."
Proverbs 14:12 KJV

You know that verse, Mrs. Cool -- how does it end? Do you suppose it an accident that Roe v. Wade was decreed in the wake of the massive expansion of the Welfare Stat that took place during the 1960s? How is it that Americans came to look upon babies, not as a blessing -- for that is the Christian view, is it not? -- but rather as a burden, "another mouth to feed"?

Mrs. Cool, do you suppose it is a coincidence that, after the Welfare State in the '60s promised its "entitlements" to any woman who gave birth, that births to unmarried women skyrocketed until now more than one-third of American children are born into fatherless homes? "No, you don't need a husband to care for you, or a father to provide for your children -- the Welfare State is your God, and will provide for you!"

The Bible specifically commands parents to educate their children -- remember, I had this little epiphany while speaking to a Christian homeschooling conference -- but the Welfare State is a jealous god, and the idolators have been carefully catechized: "Let the government educate your children! You are not fit to teach your own kids! Leave it to the professionals! What about socialization?" Then one April morning, these poor fools drop their kids off at high school and say a prayer of thanks for those great public schools ... in Littleton, Colo.

So preach me no sermons against "the very rich," Mrs. Cool, and sing me no hymns to the "social safety net." Your "safety net" is killing children and destroying souls.

It is the shame of the American church that her clergy lack the courage to stand up and denounce the Welfare State for the unmixed evil that it is. I'm tired of watching politicians engage in symbolic pandering to religious conservatives, as if I was an ignorant child who might be deceived by flag-burning amendments, "partial-birth" quibbling, and so forth.

A libertarian journal, Reason magazine, recently published a book review I wrote, in which I mentioned that I am a fundamentalist homeschooling father of six. In response, I got an e-mail from a college professor who had written a lengthy and learned dissertation on why libertarianism and Christianity are compatible. With apologies to the good professor, I think no dissertation is needed beyond the answer I gave at that Christian homeschooling conference: "Thou shalt not steal."

"Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God's."
-- Matthew 22:21

The Welfare State is thievery, then, on a cosmic scale. For the government is not content merely to steal not a man's earnings and given this money to another who has done nothing to earn it. No, the Welfare State steals from God! For it is God who commands that His people show charity and compassion, it is God who commands us to care for our children and our other family members, it is from God's own word that we are taught, " if any would not work, neither should he eat." Yet all off these things, commanded to us by God, are instead claimed by the Welfare State.

Mrs. Cool, I could direct you to many eloquent works on this theme -- F.A. Hayek's timeless The Road to Serfdom, or Thomas Sowell's The Vision of the Anointed. But I should hope that I have made the point clear: The Welfare State resembles in a frighteningly prophetic way that satanic power described in Revelation 13:17, which claims the power to prohibit all economic activity without its "seal of approval."

"Here is wisdom," Mrs. Cool. I have no malice toward you. I once was myself confused about the nature of the Welfare State. Others preached to me this gospel of economic liberty which I now pass along to you. It's a message which, reading between the lines, you might recognize in DONKEY CONS -- Chapter 9, for instance, might enlighten you about the hypocritical evils of "The Party of the Rich." So don't muzzle the ox: BUY THE BOOK!

God bless you, and go in peace.


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