Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Blog updates

A bit of housekeeping: We've added several sites to our blogroll, among them Blue Crab Boulevard, Politburo Diktat, Black Five and the Postmodern Conservative. I'm still way behind in terms of keeping up with our general policy of reciprocal linkage -- you link us, we link you -- but intend gradually to amend this error in coming days.

Postmodern Conservative is James G. Poulos, a very interesting fellow I met last week at the Reason "libertarian teen orgy" (that's a joke, people). We had corresponded previously via e-mail. James recently wrote the obit for Zarqawi and -- lucky devil -- has visited the home of the Sage of Mecosta, Russell Kirk.

I noticed on Mr. Poulos' blogroll that he links to Christopher Hitchens' minimalist Web site. Having had the occasion last week to socialize with Mr. Hitchens -- a noted raconteur --
I happened yesterday to be glancing at the magazine rack in a convenience store and saw that the cover of Vanity Fair touted a Hitchens essay inside. I took the opportunity to skim that essay -- illustrated with a famous photo of Sue Lyon from a Kubrick movie. When I arrived home and switched on the TV, there was Hitch on Fox News, talking about Iraq, Iran and North Korea. Ironic that the expert on souffler should simultaneously be recognized as an authority on ... uh, international affairs. The Vanity Fair essay is online (caveat lector) and Hitch has been added to the blogroll.