Thursday, June 01, 2006

Dirty Dems in Dixie

In Tennessee, the federal corruption trial of former Democratic state Sen. Roscoe Dixon began Wednesday:
His defense attorneys say he was entrapped, but prosecutors said Tennessee Waltz defendant Roscoe Dixon had previously extorted money from a business wanting to take part in TennCare.

A Memphis Democrat, the former state senator is the first of the original defendants from the Operation Tennessee Waltz bribery sting to go to trial. His case is being heard in federal court in Memphis.
Meanwhile, in Alabama, the federal corruption trial of former Democratic Gov. Don Siegelman completed its 21st day:
Prosecutors spent the day mostly presenting testimony concerning the decision by Siegelman's highway director, Mack Roberts, to use a road-striping material called Rainline. The material was promoted by toll bridge builder Jim Allen.
Allen told a federal jury last week that Siegelman, while running for governor in 1998, promised to let Allen pick the next highway director in exchange for a $40,000 campaign donation.
Louisiana, of course, has given us Democratic Rep. William "Cold Cash" Jefferson, who's prompting laughter as far north as New Jersey:
Freezer jokes will keep their freshness only until we see the videotapes.

That is, the videotapes of Rep. William Jefferson, D-La., allegedly taking a briefcase full of bills -- about $100,000 in all -- in what the FBI believes was a plot to enrich himself by promoting business ventures in Africa. ....

We will, no doubt, soon see leaked videotapes played constantly on those annoyingly repetitive cable news channels. And then, guess what?

The biggest congressional scandal in a generation -- that is, the one involving convicted Republican lobbyist Jack Abramoff, disgraced former Republican leader Tom DeLay, a still-unknown number of mostly Republican lawmakers and former Republican staffers -- will suddenly look like a Democratic scandal. Why? Because that's what will be on TV. Visuals are everything.

There is only one thing for Democrats to do now: Show that they really are different from Republicans.

They must demonstrate zero tolerance for corruption. ...

So far, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has failed to get Jefferson to relinquish his seat on the powerful Ways and Means Committee by merely asking him to step aside. Not only did Jefferson refuse to budge, but Pelosi's tough talk angered the Congressional Black Caucus, which resents what some of its members say is an ethical double-standard being applied to an African-American lawmaker.

LOL! If Democrats had ever shown "zero tolerance for corruption" there wouldn't even be a Democratic Party!


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