Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Election night blogging

We'll be updating tonight -- Tuesday, June 6 -- past midnight with the latest on the elections in California, Alabama and around the country. Bookmark this page and keep checking back tonight!

UPDATE 12:45 a.m. EDT
Bilbray opens lead in CA-50; Gov. Riley winner in AL GOP primary; Kean (R), Menendez (D) win easily in NJ; 80% of AL voters approve gay marriage ban.

CALIFORNIA (updated: 12:45 a.m EDT)
U.S. HOUSE District 50: Bilbray (51%) takes an early lead over Busby (43%) in a special election of national significance. (11.4% of precincts reporting)

This may be an all-nighter. But you "don't need papers," LOL!
In U.S. House District 11 (GOP), Pombo holds back McCloskey -- with relatively low turnout for the Dem primary in that district -- while in U.S. House District 36 (Dem), Harman stomps on the Moonbat-backed Winograd.
This likely bodes ill for Democrats' hopes of a "throw-the-bums-out" November uprising. Harman peeved the Left by voting for "Bush's war," while Pombo was buddy-buddy with Abramoff. But neither of these troubled incumbents seems to have had much trouble defeating their primary challengers.
With the Harman defeat of Winograd, MoveOn.org maintains its perfect record of futility -- they've never won anything worth winning.

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Malkin notes the pre-school referendum. Lynn, who lives near San Diego, says the stupid "Meathead" ads for the pre-school referendum really get on her nerves. LA Times exit poll shows it's a LOSER!

Ding-dong, the Meathead's dead!
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ALABAMA (updated: 12:10 p.m EDT)
(79% precincts reporting)

GOP - Riley 64%, Moore 36%
DEM - Baxley 59%, Siegelman 36%

Donkey Cons will miss Siegelman, whom we've been blogging for more than four months.

BIG NEWS: Turnout was very strong for the Democratic primary. At this point Baxley is actually getting about 4,000 more votes (234,201) than Riley (230,335). Republicans usually cast more absentees, so that number will change significantly by tomorrow. Still, for the Alabama Democrats to get nearly 500,000 voters -- which is probably where Baxley's final number will be --- for a primary is a very encouraging result for them.

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Senate (D): Morrison vs. Tester -- The Moonbat-endorsed Tester (61%) defeats fellow Democrat Morrison (36%) for the right to challenge Conrad Burns (R) in November .

A lot of outside money flowed into Montana for the two Democratic candidates.
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IOWA (updated 11:55 p.m.)
Governor: Tight 3-way race, with Chet Culver (38%) leading Mike Boulin (34%) and Ed Fallon (27%)
District 1, U.S. House: Braley (35%) now leading Dickenson (33%) and Gluba (28%).
District 5, U.S. House: Schulte (61%) beating Chambers (39%)

District 1, U.S. House: Whalen (57%) defeats Dix (28%) battle.

Iowa Voice has the running count.

Complete primary results here.
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Complete results here.
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Turnout was "ridiculously low" says Heath Haussamen.

** UPDATE 7:3o P.M. EDT **

Taegan Goddard highlights the Top 5 to watch tonight!

Also blogging: Carpetbagger Report.

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How did DailyKos ever get a reputation for political acumen? Here is the Moonbat hero talking about the Alabama governor's race:
Alabama Republicans will likely give Gov. Bob Riley a second chance against ├╝ber wingnut Roy Moore. In the Democratic primary, Lucy Baxley and former governor (and crook) Don Siegelman are running neck and neck. This will be a second-tier pickup opportunity for Democrats in November.
That's ignorant crap. It's now almost 7:30 p.m. EDT, and polls aren't even closed in Alabama, but I'll predict Riley walks away with the GOP nomination -- 56% or better, a double-digit margin over Moore. Baxley trounces Siegelman by a similar or wider margin. Neither contest will be remotely close.
Let me go further to handicap the Riley-Baxley matchup for November: Barring unforeseen developments of a "live boy/dead girl" nature, Riley gets near 55%.

The Alabama Democrats, like their neighbors in Georgia, are now in political freefall, and for Kos to call the Alabama governor's race "a second-tier pickup opportunity for Democrats" is a hyperpartisan delusion.